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Skyking Skyking do not post: Radio and Signals stuff

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I always thought ELF transmitters were cool as hell. http://fas.org/nuke/guide/usa/c3i/fs_clam_lake_elf2003.pdfhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Sanguine


Project Sanguine was a U.S. Navy project, proposed in 1968 and only implemented in a more limited form, to create a hardened extremely low frequency (ELF) radio transmitter facility in Wisconsin to communicate with deeply submerged submarines.[1][2][3] The originally proposed system would have a giant "antenna" consisting of 6000 miles of buried cables in a rectangular grid covering 22,500 square miles, 40% of the state of Wisconsin,[1] powered by 100 underground power plants in concrete bunkers.[2][3] The cables were grounded at their ends, and loops of AC electric current flowed deep in the ground between the ends of the cable, generating ELF waves; this is called a ground dipole. The original design was projected to cost billions[4] and consume 800 megawatts of power.[1][5] The goal was a system that could transmit tactical orders one-way to U.S. nuclear submarines anywhere in the world, and survive a direct nuclear attack.[2]

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It's neat stuff. Here's a site on the version of the system that the Russian/Indian navies use:

With a transmitted signal as low as 82 Hz or 0.000082 MHz ( equals a wavelength of 3658536.5 meter or 3658.5 km ), we are talking real longwaves.

There's a VLF Web-SDR somebody set up in Germany but I've never heard anything on it.


And on that note, SDRs are really cool too. I originally got introduced to them via ADS-B ("radar" via receiving location beacons on aircraft, how sites like Flightradar work) and ACARS (basically text messaging for aircraft) related stuff, and similar systems for ships.


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