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  1. i do everything by URL, i recommend using imgur as a way to store host photos. No problem and welcome to SH
  2. you've gotten soft anyways if you folks have questions about the Abrams, i recommend PMing this gentlemen. He's the resident American armour expert
  3. Phencyclidine is right, its the 120 and ANIMEA avatars are not welcomed to SH REMOVE ANIMEA
  4. ya but its my understanding that they arent modeled?
  5. alright folks here's a lession in whats funny and not funny. Mainly what really isnt funny now maybe im abit predisposed to not find the below funny since i too am fat and have a speech impident. But making fun of speical needs children is never funny, its not. i dont like to draw absolutes with humour, because good and bad jokes spew from generally the same mouths and though jokes themselves dont have the right to exist based on the merit of them being jokes, they do earn to right to be atleast attempted speaking of absolutes here's a rape joke I was once raped by a gang of mimes, they performed unspeakable acts on me. its quick, and to the point. If you dont like it your an asshole
  6. the whole thing looks like regret and stomach convusions for 3 days. this is coming from a guy who has eaten enough can food to start printing out license plates from the amount of metals that have rubbed off in my guts
  7. does it occur to them that any vehicle with that sort of paint job and glass layout is going to be a potential target regardless of wheather it had ATGMs sticking out of it or not? you want concealment? take any one of the thousands of 50 year old vans you see when driving through those lands in the good ole days that will never break down, paint them in the most unsuspecting colors there are for military targets. Make it look like its some 20 something's "pussy magnet" that he just recently butchered "improved' the factory paint job of after his uncle reluctantly sold it off to his kid brothers first fuckup son. And then you slap the definitlynotkonkurs-m™ contraption on the back of it and pray whatever enemy combatants in the ethnic cleansing/proxy war you come across have stingy fucking armored officers who dont like reporting that their D-10T's are running dry to whatever darker shad of Tied is running the show Or atleast i hope this is an effort in threading the waters of asymmetrical warfare, because whoever thought these have any advantages over BRDM carriages needs to be fucking scalped Put me on the former Soviet military acquisition board coach, im ready!
  8. and ofcourse the replay the mighty Jingles shows instead is some WGA goon killing like 3 tanks with it, whatever i i think it was the first reveal, and i had to watch something while i eat my grilled sandwiches you should of sent yours in, its a hell of alot better than what that guy did so what i gather from this tank is that its a Panzer 4 that makes you money, i have to wonder why the side skirts werent added. This thing with 8mm of spaced armor would actually have some vareity over the hoardes of Kwk 40 carriages in the game with paper and xenophobia for armor
  9. a conscript military isnt the issue, the issue is the competence of command chain and im sorry, but the same powerpoint that points out "manpower issues" cant say conscription is a bad thing. Im would like to see 6 million btr cruising, knife throwing, parachuting, tank riding, taticool spetsnaz as much as the next guy, but unless you want to really water down special forces branches the 17 to 26 year old with a rifle and very basic gear are still going to be the vast majority of strategic power on the modern battlefield
  10. thats not gonna be a thing ever sillyhead for one thing, North Korea's north is mostly mountains, most of their divisions and artillery are already pointed southward as it is
  11. all autism aside. the Soviet Union is alot more important to Japans history than people think. If FDR would of lived for a few more months it could of been half communist immediately after world war 2. Not to mention the implications of war with the USSR following border clashes in China, and what motivation that gave for Hitler to invade or Japan to launch Pearl Harbor/vice versa
  12. If its an Airbus it poses more danger to the passengers than the hijackers ever could
  13. I tried but i couldnt hold my food in one hand, and my drink and camera and get out lipstick in a hurry
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