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  1. This is not true. The manual says nothing about it. Any hold is allowed. To improve accuracy, you need to use the same hold when shooting, which was used when preliminary shot(adjustment fire). But even it makes sense to do only at long distances.
  2. Very interesting machine gun tripod. You do not know what designation (name) had this machine-gun tripod. I would like to know more about him and search for more photos. Thank you very much)
  3. Are you implying that the United States is sending weapons to opposition forces in Venezuela? In the photo are the soldiers of Juan Guaydo.
  4. Mother Russia is the most peaceful country in the world))) And who does not agree with this, he will get a bullet between the eyes)
  5. Many believe that there are no such insignia on the form of the Russian military police, but it really is not)) And these photos are proof of that))
  6. ВП - Военная Полиция - Military police with a sniper rifle)) This is original) And there is a photo where he is with a grenade launcher?))
  7. Russian really rich people can afford to bring so many weapons and military equipment from the other side of the world))) And this time, it will be a traveling exhibition)))
  8. There are more Russians on this forum than on Brighton Beach))) It is strange that you ask for this precisely me. This is such a small exam on the knowledge of the English language?)) If the text is small, I certainly am ready to help you.
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