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  1. PSN-V pistol PV-17 pistol And the Belarusian modification of the "Strike" pistol.
  2. Tell me please, what is the name of this weapon, ASH-12(АШ-12) or SHAK-12(ШАК-12)? In different sources, these weapons are named differently. These are two similar models or they have different cartridges. Thank you)
  3. July 30, 1943 Tactical and technical requirements number 2456 for the development of a 7.62 mm avtomat for a special cartridge. Objective: Develop and produce a avtomat under a special cartridge that would, at a relatively low weight, provide high firepower at short and medium ranges of infantry combat. 1. Avtomat - an individual weapon designed to defeat single and group live targets of the enemy. 2. The weapon are designed for a special cartridge, which has the following main characteristics: a) caliber - 7.62 mm b) the initial velocity of the bullet is 670-720 m/sec (calculated data are given for a barrel long - 500 mm) c) bullet weight - 8 grams d) weight cartridge - 16 grams e) the maximum pressure is 3200 kg/cm2 3. The total weight of the weapon with bayonet, magazine, belt and accessories should not be more than 5.0 kg. 4. The length of the weapon without a bayonet should be 900-1000 mm, and with a bayonet 1200-1300 mm. 5. The supply of cartridges is provided from a detachable magazine capacity of 30 cartridges. 6. Magazines should be interchangeable. Filling the magazine with cartridges should be convenient and made without special tools. 7. Mounting the magazine on the gun should ensure a quick replacement of the magazine in any position of the shooter. Magazine should not spontaneously drop out of the weapon, even with an accidental impact on the latch of the magazine fixation. 8. Locking the barrel bore must be rigid and must exclude the possibility of a shot when the shutter is not fully closed. 9. The trigger mechanism must ensure the conduct of a single and automatic fire, have a reliable fuse, safety catch, trigger pull force - from 2 to 2.5 kg, not to allow double shots when firing single, do not allow the trigger on the fingers during automatic shooting. The design of the weapon (the trigger bow and the trigger bracket) should provide the possibility of shooting from the weapon in thick gloves. 10. The weapon should have an open sight for shooting at distances up to 1000m. with the divisions every 50m. 11. The front sight should have a safety catch and a reliable fastening, which should provide lateral displacement of the front sight (to adjust firing accuracy). 12. A sighting device should provide stability and speed of guidance and ease of use during operation. 13. The accuracy of the firing of a single fire should not be worse than that of the Mosin-Nagant rifle. The accuracy of shooting in automatic mode should be no worse than that of Degtyarev's machine gun. 14. The rate of fire should not be higher than 600 rpm. When firing at 3-5 rounds, the rate of fire is not less than 80 rounds per minute. When firing in a single mode, the rate of fire is at least 35 rounds per minute. 15. The weapon must have lightweight bipods, which in folded form should not protrude sharply from the dimensions of the weapon and must provide shooting standing and shooting standing on their knees. 16. The bayonet should be saber-shaped. The bayonet mount must be fast, durable and comfortable. The bayonet should have a sheath for wearing on a belt. 17. The butt must be of the usual type with a socket for the placement of accessories and spare parts. 18. The weapon should have a sock belt and ensure the convenience of shooting on the move. 19. Disassembly and assembly of weapons for cleaning should be provided without complex special devices. 20. Work mechanisms should provide 5000 shots without cleaning the weapons. 21. The weapon must fire at any declination angles and in any positions. 22. Breakage of small parts allowed up to 10,000 shots, breakdown of complex parts with 20,000 shots. 23. The number of misfires should be 0.3%when the weapon is cooled after every 150 shots. 24. Weapons should be easy to learn, manufacture, and not have alloy steels, except on some small details.