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  1. Нарукавник - 4 ? ))) "Oversleeve - 4" - ?)) This is a joke? Or the real name of the sight is specially changed in the photo editor to a fictional one?
  2. Maybe this is an exhibition of weapons captured from russian soldiers fighting in the Donbass with the separatists?
  3. Many people often confuse the appointment of longitudinal grooves on the gun barrel. In this case, in the machine gun of the PK, longitudinal cuts on the barrel are located near the chamber, where the main heating occurs during the shooting. And they serve for cooling, because from these longitudinal grooves the area of heat removal increases. And in this case, on the TSVL-8 rifle (this rifle reminded me of the M2010, with a bolt and barrel from CheyTac M200), the longitudinal grooves are absolutely necessary for the other. They are needed to lighten the barrel of the rifle and there is nothing more to do with it. Although, someone believes that these longitudinal grooves on the barrel make the weapon more beautiful, give it a futuristic look.
  4. I'm not that good at understanding the physics of heat-exchange processes, but the designs of modern weapons show that the grooves along the darrel are more effective than the grooves of the sparrow barrel. To the same, it prevents pollution and facilitates cleaning. If it concerns military models of weapons, the difficulties in manufacturing and the cost go to the back burner. In the first place is always reliability and efficiency.
  5. I did not see any official information about this. Most likely the essence of the unification. The photo shows Degtyarev's experimental multi-barrel machine gun. The barrel, and many other parts are borrowed from other earlier models of Degtyarev's machine guns. Degtyarev Aircraft Machine Gun - DA (Degtyaryev aviatsionnyiy). And this is the development of the 1930s. Then the Soviets did not have an opportunity to accurately calculate the heat transfer of the barrel. Many things were done on a whim or simply copied from foreign samples. Since DA was an aircraft machine gun, there were no problems with cooling the barrel. It was well cooled by the flow of incoming air. The experimental multi-barreled machine gun had a supply of cartridges not from a disk store, but from the usual classical one. A smaller number of cartridges and time to replace the store did not imply a high rate of fire from each barrel separately and should not lead to overheating. P.S. Yugo M72
  6. To mount the silencer at the end of the barrel there is a thread that is covered with a cap. This thread is present on both shutter. I had in mind why one pistol has two shutters of the same marking - .45 ACP. Maybe it's another cartridge or another metal alloy.
  7. Both shutters have the same marking .45 ACP. I think the second shutter is for a training or marker cartridge.