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  1. Tell me please, what were the sizes of the target? I heard that it was a wooden shield measuring 1x1 meter.
  2. The ammunition hose is very tight and the shooter can not bring the machine gun to eye level.
  3. Many thanks for the photo, in my opinion Type 79 SMG is much more interesting.
  4. Many thanks to Igor Korotchenko and you, for a photo of a rare carbine assault rifle A-91 in a 7.62 mm caliber.
  5. I promise that I will not share this photo with anyone. But this photo I saw in 2013 ...... Here is the link: http://tankarchives.blogspot.ru/2013/10/experimental-soviet-anti-tank-weapons.html
  6. I would like to see something that can not be found in Google)) PU-21 LMG ("Poplin" project) and AEK 906 9х18mm (AEK 906-01 9x19mm) very interesting, but long-known models of weapons. The photos you submitted earlier (curved barrel RPK and experimental underwater machine gun) are much more interesting. The photos of PU-1, PU-2 provided by Belezarius, and a photo of the experimental cartridges for the anti-tank rifle PEC provided by Khand-e, also attracted my attention.
  7. Good afternoon, many thanks for the photos. The first photo shows a curved barrel 7.62 RPK light machine gun. And on the second photo, a very rare experimental underwater machine gun with a belt feed. Do you have any more pictures like that? I mean the experimental Soviet or Russian weapons. Thanks!
  8. Good day. Tell me please, the cartridges depicted in the last photo are experienced cartridges for an soviet anti-tank rifle PEC М1942 (20x150R)? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the interesting photo. It's nice to realize that Russian military officers finally appreciated the Austrian weapon. Do you happen to know by any chance that Steyr's rifles are officially in service with the Russian army? Thank you.
  10. This is a cartridge case from a PKMT (PKT) machine gun, with 200 rounds. But apparently it's a homemade thing. The usual box on the lid has no attachment to the machine gun. The usual canvas handle. Most likely the lid is taken from the box for 100 cartridges. And that she did not come off had to pull the box with ropes (elastic bands). In the photo they are clearly visible.