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  1. It's certainly beautiful)) but how to clean it from dirt?))) This is madness
  2. In my opinion this is a 9mm blank pistol)) A hole for the discharge of powder gases aside, and not into the barrel.
  3. Маскиратор пламе-искрогаситель МПИ-Витязь This is a device for disguising the position of the shooter when firing. Because it lowers the volume of the shoot. Also, this device reduces the emission of sparks and fire when shooting. Holes in the front part scatter gunpowder gases, and also make it difficult to determine the position of the shooter. Another feature is the ability to use the gun scopes of the night vision, shooting does not give light on the image. I do not know how to accurately translate the name into English, but it will be something like this: "Masker flame-spark arrester MPI-Vityaz" This product does not have a special or military purpose and therefore it is sold freely, without a license. Approximate price: 120-150$ Produce these devices in the city of Tula, the company "Delta-Tech".