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  1. Anyone have the skinny on Hornady's 6mm ARC? I like that they're using 6mm VLDs but not a fan of the 6.5G as the base cartridge. Is it reinventing the wheel or is there and actual performance gain.
  2. The new Japanese raifu dubbed the Type 20. Also looks like they adopted the HK striker fired pistol.
  3. Some dude who models gundams also does extremely detailed models of the Textron CTA and Sig 6.8mm MG
  4. On March 21, Gen. Robert Abrams, commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, stated FORSCOM’s position is that the Army should “immediately stop the fielding of CROWS-LP [Common Remote Operating Weapon Station – Low-Profile] systems to Forces Command Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABVT),” in a memorandum directed at the vice chief of staff for the Army, which was obtained by Task & Purpose.The memo goes on to say, “The CROWS-LP system does not correct tank commander visual and fire control issues.”Ten days later, Army Acquisition Command issued a stop-work order to CROWS Low-Profile manufacturer Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, according to a copy of the order, also obtained by Task & Purpose.The problem is, nobody from the Army or the Defense Department seems to know the details of the stop-work order or the FORSCOM memo. I guess it never came to pass.
  5. Wasnt there a stop production order on the CROWS-LP a while back? What CROWS are the M1A2C shipping with? I wouldnt mind the Abrams with a CROWS-J, not because it would be useful, but so that people can stop saying "Abroomz sux cause no gun launched missile"
  6. I heard from a little bird that the mechanism for yaw independent fragmentation has to do with fluid expansion starting in the gap between the penetrator and jacket. Perhaps there is a ideal location to optimize flow into the gap to initial expansion.
  7. Sig's iteration of the Army's 6.8mm wunder cartridge They are claiming a muzzle velocity of over 3000 FPS for a 16″ barrel and 2850 FPS with a 13″ barrel bullet weight not stated. "As part of the program, SIG has also introduced a new three piece construction hybrid ammunition. It features a Brass case, Steel base and an internal clip to connect the two. So far, they have manufactured 40,000 of their 6.8 x 51 cartridge at their plant in Arkansas and are working on an additional 60,000. Due to its construction, the hybrid ammo offers increased velocities over standard ammunition in the same caliber and can be used in all current weapon systems, unlike some next generation ammunition proposals."
  8. And how they keep showing it being fired from a bipod like its a GPMG replacement or something. Probably the only thing that makes sense in a dismounted MG to increase range.
  9. Making machine guns more better. Exotic barrel liners, Aermet steel, and cryo treating springs. Also stealing ideas from the russians. More relevant since FN announced the Mk48 in 6.5CM https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2016/armament/18355_Armstrong.pdf
  10. Gun Jesus shooting the Knight's LAMG(they really need a new name for this thing). Looks to be a better Ultimax without the shitty ergos, wonky mags and looking like it was manufactured in the Khyber Pass.
  11. It doesnt need to be an exploding warhead. The concept already exists, maybe a rocket assisted tip detaches and flies ahead of the main projectile?
  12. The only decent 4.6x30mm gel testing video Ive seen. I have to say, with a TSX bullet, 4.6mm doesnt look that bad terminally.
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