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  1. Putting down civilian uprisings. Especially if they only have access to small arms
  2. You can ask him yourself, thats RustedAce's rifle in Iraq. He hosts the Cola warrior shooting "event".
  3. Also looking up the specs of Russian 43mm grenades they contain 3.5x more boom than your typical 40mm http://armamentresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/The-Russian-GM-94-Grenade-Launcher.pdf "VGM93.100 – Thermobaric (FAE) round, containing some 160 g of explosive filling. The impact fuze arms approximately 3 metres from the muzzle. The lethal blast radius is 3 metres, and the minimum safe distance from the impact point is approximately 10 metres.8 Upon impact, this round can penetrate up to 8 mm of mild steel or interior wall with its blast, while producing almost no primary fragments. " VS 45 g Composition A in 40mm HEDP, because we expect grenadiers to be antiarmor guys by shooting their individual GL into the back of a BMP as it drives by right? http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/infantry/grenade/40mm_ammo.html
  4. What kind of problems? Im generally against adding anymore complexity and weight to GL since the best use of a GL is as a secondary or specialty weapon. A completely stripped down M320 in a thigh holster is currently the best option for an individual GL in western forces. I see the GM-94 strapped to back of squad designated grenadier as a much better option than strapping the GL to his rifle or giving the poor guy a Milkor much like a breaching shotgun.
  5. Dont think theres much to improve upon. Maybe use lighter weight materials and ditch the buttstock. Also russian grenades probably dont use the stupid spin activated fuse like in the 40mm HEDP that eats up half the warhead volume. Actually we should probably fix the 40mm lethality problem before adopting a new grenade launcher. On the other hand we got stuck with this monstrosity
  6. Not as high as I thought but still pretty good. Are you using the all "green" construction for the EPR bullet 57gr bullet? I wonder how much extra case capacity you can get by going with a regular lead filled base instead of copper. Or just do it like the russians with a full length penetrator..
  7. Vicious_CB

    Gun Science Library

    Comparing Advertised Ballistic Coefficients with Independent Measurements http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a554683.pdf If anyone needs a reference for "real" BCs.
  8. I like it! Thats quite a long 57gr bullet, it should have some nice flight characteristics and good terminal ballistic potential. Some guys did a doppler radar regression of the 7n6 bullet and the results were quite surprising, it had a BC similar to a 77gr SMK, I need to check my notes to see exactly what is was but it was ahead of its time, basically 5.56 NATO 2.0 but made with shittier materials.
  9. My search yields information on Two Tone Gold 5.7mm 14k Diamond Cut Comfort Fit Wedding Bands instead of ammunition
  10. Are they still going on about the 6.5G being the universal cartridge and all that? Ive always thought 6.5G had it ass backwards. I want flat trajectory at the distances I would typically be shooting at(300m and in) and don't mind more drop further out since past a certain point the difference between a 5 and 6 mil drop at 800m is moot point using the hashmarks on your reticle. IMO the design philosophy behind the 5.45 cartridge is just right.
  11. Vicious_CB

    Jell-O Shots

    Hornady Critical Failure™ Defense Rifle Ammunition. Im surprised they would even put this video on the internet.
  12. Vicious_CB

    Jell-O Shots

    I think congress might have been right in this case. M855A1 seems to outperform Mk318 in every literally category.
  13. Vicious_CB

    Jell-O Shots

    For all the ammo nerds out there: Mk318 Mod 1