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  1. I like Kalashoid, it sounds alot better than the Shrike/Ares16/MCR or whatever they're calling it these days.which is where I assume they got the idea from.
  2. I just dont think is feasible to have 55,000 ranger trained soldiers. There just isnt enough qualified soldiers to fill the ranks, if you water down the selection and training process then they arent elite anymore.
  3. Somewhat related to the topic at hand. The good idea fairy ret Maj. Gen. Robert Scales is at it again. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/02/14/retired-general-train-pay-army-and-marine-infantry-elite-force.html Retired General: Train, Pay Army and Marine Infantry as an Elite Force In an interview with Military.com, retired Army Major General Robert Scales, a combat veteran who received the Silver Star for his actions during the Battle of Hamburger Hill in Vietnam, suggested that the task force is aiming quite high in its quest for improved combat efficiency. In fact, Major General Scales envisions turning all infantrymen into Rangers. “Infantry is not a branch – 0311s, 11Bs (respectively the infantry military occupational specialities [MOS] for the Marines Corps and Army) – it’s not that. It’s a function. It’s those people on the ground who have line of sight of the enemy and kill them face to face,” said Major General Scales. “Secretary Mattis said from the very beginning…the only way this will work is if we treat close combat as an excepted function. If we build that functionality into the task force, it will work. If we fail to do it, if we fall back and treat the infantry as just another branch, it won’t work.”
  4. Yes and no. I think its more nuanced than that. Take Vietnam for example where your typical infantryman only had to serve just a 1 year tour in theater. Just when your average infantryman reached peak effectiveness, he gets rotated out. Compare that to insurgencies like Iraq and Afghanistan where a good portion of your force has multi-tour experience and combined with stupidly low casualty rates made insurgent forces completely ineffective Afghanistan. All they can do is run and hide as soon as the americans show up then come out again and try to exert some influence on the local gov't.
  5. I dont doubt their usefulness, especially when you are designing relatively lightweight MMGs or firing HMGs like the Kord from a bipod.
  6. Jim Sullivan's most recent brain child. Putting a counter weight system in bolt carrier tail and chopping the gas key and buffer to lengthen the carrier stroke.
  7. So are the bulges on the turret cheek supposed to still be weight simulators? Its looks nothing like the stacked welded plates in the earlier pictures. "The U.S. Army on Friday released the first detailed images of the next version of the Abrams tank with active protection systems. The new images – made at U.S Army Yuma Proving Ground revealed the M1A2C Abrams main battle tank with the Rafael Advanced Defence Systems-developed Trophy HV hard-kill active protection systems (APSs)."
  8. I like this very much. Def not a 62gr, Im guessing an 80gr if you are using the same materials as the current EPR with the same length or more than the current 90gr SMK.
  9. Looks like a nose fused round. I take it doesnt have a delay function to detonate after passing through walls and such?
  10. Any info if the VBL is going to be replaced by the CRAB? I havent heard of any developments in the vehicle since 2012.
  11. Is the current 5" Naval gun supposed to be use against aerial targets? I think it specifically stated KE-ET was developed to counter small high speed craft. Anyway I find these non-HE frag rounds interesting, basically reviving black powder age technology. I dont think its a good idea to give up the M1028 Canister, I think theres something to be said about not having to lase and program a round in a react to contact situation. According to Nicholas Moran, there were issues with engaging targets that were closer than the 30m arming distance of the 120mm HEAT rounds in Iraq instead relying the blast/overpressure to kill the target. I wonder if pellets from the canister round would even spread out from the wadding at that distance. https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2005/garm/wednesday/macmillan.pdf
  12. Im curious if it would be possible to stick the current 62gr EPR in the case without having excessive freebore jump. Or even what developing a EPR specific for Valk would even look like.
  13. Why does this design exist? The only advantage over HE-AB that I can think of is a more consistent frag pattern.
  14. DM11 powerpoint "120mm HE - Ammunition New Ammunition with Insensitive High Explosive" https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2012/armaments/Tuesday14105ewert.pdf M1028 Canister 120mm development https://ndiastorage.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/ndia/2005/garm/wednesday/macmillan.pdf
  15. It seems all these fancy new programmable HE-MP marketing are implying they can replace HEAT against medium and light AFVs. Heres the IMI Hatzav being tested against the side of M-60 turret and against a G*vin. Im not sure if DM11 is being touted as having this capability as well, though I dont see why it shouldnt be able to do the same things as Hatzav and AMP.
  16. Correct me if Im wrong but doesnt US TTPs dictate to use HEAT on personnel carriers due to the increased after armor effects?
  17. Thats disappointing, you would think they would try to put something like a hardened tungsten in the nose cap to increase penetration since its supposed to replace the current HEAT rounds in service. Is the estimated penetration enough to go through modern IFV frontal armor at least?
  18. But can it still defeat a T-55 turret? Needing to only take 1 round would greatly reduce the logistics burden the next time we go into Syria.
  19. Unless it comes in case telescopic, caseless or some weird polymer hybrid the .mil will never buy it.
  20. Good to know its just some internet bullshit. Just looking at the design I kept wondering where Ive seen those proportions before. I had to dig through the internet to find a picture to confirm it. Ive probably said this before but Im a huge fan of the 5.45 design principals. My dream cartridge was a 5.45 necked up to 6mm throwing 90-100gr VLDs at 2800-2900fps with a stretch in case OAL to achieve that which would be the taboo of breaking the AR15 form factor limitations. I can understand why they chose .224 projectiles(a reloaders wet dream), my only gripe is its lack of shorter barrel performance.
  21. Interesting, Im not too familiar with .224 Valkyrie's development. Its starting to sound like 6.8 SPC/6.8 SPC II's chambering debacle. Just taking a cursory glance at the cartridge, its looks like a niche SPR type cartridge due to its barrel length requirements even then a 18-20" might still not be enough to get the best performance out of a cartridge like this. Would it make a good MG cartridge? Maybe, it would definitely save some weight over a 7.62 NATO gun.
  22. Putting down civilian uprisings. Especially if they only have access to small arms
  23. You can ask him yourself, thats RustedAce's rifle in Iraq. He hosts the Cola warrior shooting "event".
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