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  1. Hey y'all! Saw the notifications from this thread in my email (says how much I check that inbox...) and wanted to share if anyone missed it: BDB v1.5 released back in January! Here's the promotional album for the release, click the image to see the whole promotional album. If you want to see what the next project is, click here and here.
  2. Unfortunately, not straightforward due to stuff like AO baking etc. The engine was actually donated to me and all I had to do was texture it. If it had been made with that sort of stuff in mind... well, it still would be a lot of work but not "better to start from scratch" work.
  3. EDIT: This wound up being much longer than I anticipated, probably best to grab a coffee or something before you sit down to read... Sounds like I'll generally be able to give you some good news then! (well, further down) Hmm, I don't think I responded actually. Sorry about that! I do try to reply to as many posts as possible, but sometimes I get behind or only log in to post screenshots of new stuff. Unfortunately, I don't maintain things like the Tweakscale or RealFuels configs - we're pretty dependent on knowledgeable users contributing stuff
  4. Thank you! Feel free to ask away, I think I set it up so I'll get emails for thread activity here. Thank you all! EDIT: Wanted to share some stuff I posted on the thread recently, one of the big things this update is a revamp of the Peacekeeper-derived parts, along with an expansion adding things like the little liquid upper stages these LVs use You can now build fairly accurate Minotaur IV/Vs and Athena rockets. For the last year or so I've been mostly focusing on revamping parts, there are a lot that I am very unhappy with and I don't li
  5. Whoa! I was stumbling around Google Images doing research and stumbled upon this site. I'm the author of Bluedog Design Bureau which I see in a lot of these screenshots. Just wanted to say these are some really cool builds!
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