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  1. Yeah Air heat pumps loose alot of efficiency when its freezing outside, and for ground usage you either need some deep holes which are expensive to make or if you have the space which really is depending on where you live also expensive. And i also doubt ( i have no idea how the "water laws" in norway is) that ground water usage is a thing in your area, because even in Austria where we have an abundance of it, there are alot of regulations and things to consider, and ofcourse cost is a whole other issue. Cooling is really an issue if you are hotter areas thats true, but it also depends on other factors for example if your house is made out of some flimsy wood or steel pannels, or in an extreme case I had once, made out of 2[ m] wide rocks which are suspended in concrete. There are is also a way to retrofit water floor heating, you just rip your old floor out but let the concrete underneath untouched, put on some insulation, and then just your usual piping , ontop of it some metal sheets for heat conducting and then your new floor, you loose some height in the room ofcourse and the advantage of the typical even heat transfer but its a nice-ish retrofit.
  2. Well that also is a dead giveaway ofcourse.
  3. I know i am a bit late to the party but heating is something i am alteast a bit experienced in and i just want to brag about it further my fellow comrades discussion I know you said it later already but to just to get the point across, electricity is pretty much the worst way to heat anything in the house , and you really only use it for retrofitting were nothing else would work or if your customer is a cheap bastard. If you really don´t want to use or have access or the space available for Wood, Gas or Oil, then atleast buy a heating pump, because depending on the type you can get COPs of around 4, which means for each unit of Electricity consumed you get 4 units of heat. Those nice heating pumps can also be put outside and they are not that loud, except you use Split-Systems were the fan is louder than your neighbouring airport. And because you want that nice COP you opt for low temperature heating systems, since the heating pump is alot more efficient then, like floor heating so its not a bad combination. Also for highly efficient gas and oil ovens a low temperature system is beneficial since those use the condensation energy of the exhaust too which means you need to get to around 50 [°C] with the exhaust which your standard radiator heating system won´t get bellow. Also with Water based floor heating you can also get a bit of cooling going on for the hot summers, however you can get around 20 [W/m²] of cooling from them so its more of an auxillary there, however we must note that humans tend to feel heat or the lack of alot better in their feet so you can, if you do heating, lower the overhaul room temperature about 1-2 [°C] the person in the room will not feel colder. If you have however large office spaces or maybe large areas which you use constantly, its really the best thing to use thermal activation of components, its alot slower to react ofcourse but it has a very even temperature emmission and also offers cooling with around 40-60 [W/m²] (if you really push it) Since i work at a plumber, i haven´t seen a case of floor or wall heating systems getting damaged by itself, only thing that sucker will leak is if someone drills a hole through one of your pipes, or if the floor screed isn´t properly made or heated and the whole thing sheers itself appart. One thing however which happens to old systems is that alot of oxygen gets into the system because of bad pipes, this in turn corrodes the older metal works and that leaves a sort of sludge in the system which is hard to get out. Ofcourse if you live in more moderate climates air heating is not much of a problem and even cooling is sometimes your only option, but tbf air is a shitty heat transfer medium, it has a specific heat capacity of around 1 [KJ/Kg K] which is 4 times worse than water, and combine that with the density of it and here we have it. You are talking about electical floor heating right, because if you use floor heating once, just use it everywhere.
  4. For covering this kharkovite demon whose name i do not even dare to speak our brave @LoooSeR would need to attain the holiest of blessings by lord Putin himself!
  5. RIP Harambe, brought to you by non other than our favorite South African Singer...Elon Musk?
  6. Obviously quality beats quantity, until to a point where quantity itself becomes quality. If you are for example in a intervention scenario, like for example A-stan, then conscripts just won´t cut it, they fight a war which resolves mainly around that the enemy hit and runs you with light weapons, and you really can counter them with those weapons yourself. Ofcourse Air support, arty and all that jazz is also at your disposal but you have the problem that these ressources are scattered around the country and also many fights (ambushes) tend to not last all that long. So skill and superior equipment is paramount. But where conscripts armies really shine is when you go and anger someone similar in strenght to your own, or even defend yourself from alot mightier nations. There you will need alot of men, and they will likely die alot faster thanks to the quantity of enemie guns themselves as @Collimatrix already pointed out. Meaning that your chances of survival with a small provessional army is very slim. The best thing probably is a good mix, in Austria for example we have alot of conscripts for mundane tasks like pionier work and logistics aswell as for "line infantry" duties, though there is also one battallion (that is alot for us) that is 100% professional,that are capeable of para dropping, quick and quick response tasks, so they are more like an "elite" unite. Then there are also tasks which the conscripts can do, but that will not really hinder the performance much of more skilled units, like being a loader in the arty battallion or in a tank. Stuff like that IMO is pretty good since space gets freed up, for jobs where you really need professionals in. So a good mix is, if you can´t afford, either budget or strategicly wise a proffessional army, the best thing. Also it tends to piss of hippies, and prevent men from becoming such good for nothing "humans", which is always a good thing!
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