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  1. Yeah Air heat pumps loose alot of efficiency when its freezing outside, and for ground usage you either need some deep holes which are expensive to make or if you have the space which really is depending on where you live also expensive. And i also doubt ( i have no idea how the "water laws" in norway is) that ground water usage is a thing in your area, because even in Austria where we have an abundance of it, there are alot of regulations and things to consider, and ofcourse cost is a whole other issue. Cooling is really an issue if you are hotter areas thats true, but it als
  2. Well that also is a dead giveaway ofcourse.
  3. I know i am a bit late to the party but heating is something i am alteast a bit experienced in and i just want to brag about it further my fellow comrades discussion I know you said it later already but to just to get the point across, electricity is pretty much the worst way to heat anything in the house , and you really only use it for retrofitting were nothing else would work or if your customer is a cheap bastard. If you really don´t want to use or have access or the space available for Wood, Gas or Oil, then atleast buy a heating pump, because depending on the t
  4. For covering this kharkovite demon whose name i do not even dare to speak our brave @LoooSeR would need to attain the holiest of blessings by lord Putin himself!
  5. RIP Harambe, brought to you by non other than our favorite South African Singer...Elon Musk?
  6. Obviously quality beats quantity, until to a point where quantity itself becomes quality. If you are for example in a intervention scenario, like for example A-stan, then conscripts just won´t cut it, they fight a war which resolves mainly around that the enemy hit and runs you with light weapons, and you really can counter them with those weapons yourself. Ofcourse Air support, arty and all that jazz is also at your disposal but you have the problem that these ressources are scattered around the country and also many fights (ambushes) tend to not last all that long. So skill and supe
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