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  1. .... and to much effort to perform a redesign. Who should do that? Makes more sense to replace the complete turret.
  2. Nice work to collect all those figures. As the Swiss Leo has C technology in armour the weight difference is explained.
  3. Interesting information about WZM. I cannot imagine that KMW would give them a license to produce Leopard 2 A7V. I believe they wanna make the business on there own.
  4. Good statements! One question? Does anybody know whether Poland has a ban on use of Uranium? The latest protection versions of Abrams come with depleted uranium armour. For the delivery to Australia that had to be replaced by tungsten sheets!
  5. Poland cannot wait for MGCS. If it comes in 2035 it comes so late that the Polish MBT fleet is pretty outdated. BTW German MBT fleet, too, if they do not an upgrade to a Leo Ax version.
  6. It was only a concept study with the 152 mm cannon and never built. The nickname was Leopard 2 Eber according to Ministerialdirektor Eberhardt.
  7. Note that FK verion was a 6 roller chassis!
  8. Great thing to do this. Let's hope it's functioning better than other turrets (as for LT e.g.).
  9. This photo misses the Trophy launchers at left and right.
  10. The Netherlands Army decided just these days to perform a CV9035NL upgrade including IRON FIST APS from Elbit and Rafael SPIKE-LR ATGM. The number of vehicles is much higher with 122 each, so it seem that this is a more mature decision instead of 17 Leopards! Https//www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/netherlands-awards-contract-to-upgrade-cv9035nl-fleet
  11. Forces Operations did IMO a very interesting article about MGCS, the French and German MOD, Leopard 2 and the user nations Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway, how to approach UK and Italy for MGCS and KNDS efforts in Poland with EMBT. https://forcesoperations.com/suede-pays-bas-italie-etc-ces-pays-que-lallemagne-souhaite-integrer-a-mgcs/
  12. In my opinion it is a very bad scaled model of a Leopard 1 with casted turret, not showing the TEM2A rangefinder flaps. Instead of the rubber track skirts ERA shaped skirts are attached. One row, not separated, no track work possible. For me it seems to be a quick and dirty design study only.
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