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  1. Hahaha, indeed, although you're a little behind on this as it's been discussed very much in the main small arms thread.
  2. Inappropriate topic policing, please refresh yourself on the forum's rules abd guidelines. Noob.
  3. They mostly played with the roller retarded blowback schema, which saw great success postwar. Almost nobody bothered with the StG-44, in many ways it's the Panther of small arms (I would argue not as bad, though).
  4. You have absolutely lost the privilege of speaking authoritatively on anything, even if you're right.
  5. That's exactly what happened in all sectors. The French (for a time) absorbed the German small arms collective as well, and played around with adapting their late war designs. In the end, like the tanks, they didn't end up using any of the German ideas, partly because unlike the French tank sector, the French small arms developments were still quite technologically competitive.
  6. It amuses me to know that you actually see yourself as dangerous in this way, like you're some kind of master swordsman deftly parrying and counterattacking multiple foes at once as they surround you. It's a cute image. But in reality: Everybody's at the park, watching the fat retarded kid go!
  7. Oh this whole thing has been just delightful. Let's do a quick mid-season recap, shall we? It started with Beer making an observation (which he's actually rather well qualified to support, not that you'd know because you don't actually pay any attention at all to who you're talking to), and you claimed his observation was conjecture, and packaged this with an amusingly ignorant oversight (which any eleven year old tank game enthusiast would know, let alone someone who preens and struts about as if he were a german tank expert) about the Pz.38(t) n.A. Specifically, you didn't know it existed
  8. Another wehraboo skull claimed for the pile. This seasons hunts have been bountiful.
  9. You see yourself the way you see your beloved Nazi tankers, as a knight in zimmerited armor, bravely and honorably engaging in the ritual of combat. You do not see yourself for what you actually are:
  10. you could host a midnight drive in movie with all that projection
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