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  1. But is anyone able to answer why a new round has suddenly been put on public display? I'd usually expect this to be more tight lipped for another decade at least. Heck even the M829A3 to my knowledge still doesn't have official measurements out.
  2. hmm I'm measuring with paint.net select tool and I was getting 21mm after measuring 90-92 pixels(lighting can be tricky with shiny metal apparantly) I broke it down to 4.358:1 pixel to mm. And I am also wondering how others pixel measured the penetrator core to be between 780 and 840mm when I use the sabot diameter as the scale and measure a bit shorter. and this is measuring by placing a selected section of the rod to the tip where the diamater is at the maximum before the windshield is too thin to fit, then making a select highlight all the way down to the end that is inside the fin ass
  3. I'd say they are at the bottom of the cartridge What changes would be nessacary for the igniter to deviate much from the a3? Where is a picture of the A3's igniter for comparison?
  4. Thats amazing and completely unexpected. btw do you have a picture of the cartridge with the tip of the penetrator not cut off from rest of photo?
  5. well dang thank you! figure I should make it worth your while in return, ignore the stat cards.png's it's for a different purpose Mostly just my estimations on two different American rounds with firing tables created and some minor sourcing. I had a friend with 3d software help get me the drag Coeff also a pdf series that spans 3 years, a computational model for armor penetration:
  6. Greetings from the Gaijin's Snailhouse forums I have come to ask questions and share information as needed. I had a quote provided to me that apparently was sourced from somebody here. One thing I'd like to ask is where somebody can find "Historic Weight Growth of U.S. Army Combat Vehicle Systems" by the Military Traffic Management Command" So I can verify the information provided myself and seek out more accurately the effects of a DU mesh against KE penetrators. Currently, the great and almighty search engines provide nothing for me as of yet. I'm mostly
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