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Professional vs citizen soldiers


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2 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

I wonder how much more of an armed force could be made "elite," for whatever value of "elite" you choose, if you had sports medicine/hormone therapy/stem cell magic that could wring another 10 years of peak performance out of them.

I think the future might be more along the lines of smaller numbers of SF-type guys splitting their time between fighting on their own behalf and operating various types of drones (mules, scout UAVs, attack quadcopters, UGVs etc).


As for the physical stuff, the near future probably involves more elite athlete conditioning and less cutting-edge medical interventions like stem cells. Even so I think you'll probably see front-line troops in their 40s if we can stop destroying their knees and backs as much.

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If cutting-edge medtech is on the table, I have money on bioprinted bone tissue allowing you to, for instance, elegantly design and incorporate a synthetic knee joint - solving the issue of dissimilar wear that causes them to weaken and pop off.

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