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Whats SRA (sensitive reactive Armor)?

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So there is this structure from the German Defense technical department 91 (WTD91) and as you can see in the picture there is under reactive armor the term: SRA - reagible Reaktivpanzerung which is translated into Sensitive Reactive Armor. I have never heard it nor seen it. Is it like normal ERA just more sensitive? If so where is it used?

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Probably another term for a specialized form of SLERA/hybrid armor. Only example of "reagible Panzerung" I could found was this patent, which describes an armor arrangement using "trigger foil" to detonate the insensitive explosive layers in a multi-layered ERA arrangement. The senstive trigger foil allows to control the detonation behaviour, i.e. let it detonate when being hit by shaped charge warheads, but not when hit by KE rounds.



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