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Youtube is stupid

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To satisfy nerds with fibre broadband, youtube has introduced 60fps playback on some videos - if you upload a video at more than 60fps, and if the youtube gods smile upon you, then viewers can see it in 60fps! The playback quality menu looks like this:


There's only one small issue - google being google, they've forgotten that not everyone is a nerd with fibre broadband. So if you can only stream 720p30 fine (so no 720p60), and your screen is too big for 480p to not look like a blocky mess, then you may as well not watch the video. This is an excellent upgrade!

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There is an add-on for Firefox that will let you view 1080, at a "normal" framerate.

The one I use is "youtube flash video player", I'm sure there are others..


IIRC the videos will also work with Chrome, but I've been using FF for a long time now.. Not going to change because of youtube vids.

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