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The Icelandic Cod Wars

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Iceland has had a running war with England over fishing rights near its shores for some 600 years. In the most recent Cod Wars, three people lost their lives, one in noble defense of Icelandic sovereignty, and two imperialists attempting to exploit the natural resources of foreign shores for selfish gain. Each time, despite universal Natosupport of GB, Iceland secured fishing rights to their waters to the dismay of imperialist Great Britain. Many African nations lent their support to Icelandic in anti-imperialist solidarity.


Kind of fascinating; Icelanders are very proud of besting their more powerful neighbors on the international stage; granted their victories came mostly from their geographical location in relation to the GIUK gap. 



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Vanagandr, a lot of people in the UK at the time, including me, thought the Icelanders were within their rights. Even the RN respected the Icelandic Coast Guard and thought the British government was being stupid.

It is a pity that the fishermen of the U.K. couldn't have been incorporated within a new sensible fishing agreement, but that is the fault of governments, not the men from the fishing ports.

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