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  1. Some interesting tactical markings. The domino ones...
  2. Merkava 2s to Greece to replace Leopard 1s. A smaller number of Merk 3s to Cyprus in exchange for their T-80s. A wild guess, some Merks perhaps to Morocco to replace some of their T-72s? The Leopard 1s, T-80s or T-72s eventually to Ukraine. Heaven help whoever gets the Merk 2s, with the possible exception of the Merk 2Ds, they are junk by now. Even in the case of the Merk2 Ds, the powerpack can barely cope with the increased weight of the armour.
  3. Hi, The Merkava 2D was introduced to address specific, known weaknesses in the Merkava 2's armour. In September 1997 and October 1997, Merkava 2Bs were hit by 9K111 Fagot missiles fired by Hezbollah. Two Merkavas were penetrated and in each case a crewman was killed. It was clear that Hezbollah were aware of a weakness in armour near the drivers hatch and were targeting that area. Hence the introduction of the Merkava 2 Batash also known as the Merkava 2D.
  4. There is this on the web. https://www.lens.org/lens/patent/021-657-922-024-681/fulltext The next link incorporates diagrams https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/94/0e/31/2c7f37e053a211/US7360479.pdf Apologies if you already have these. Marsh
  5. Hi, yes, but remember part of the design philosophy of the Merkava, (at least post mark 2),was to have a relatively thin steel frame with the real armour being add on modules. (I am not disagreeing with you, I suspect we are saying the same thing, but looking at it from different angles).
  6. Hi, there have been successive measures to improve overhead protection for the driver, an acknowledged weak point. These measures really took off after the Merkava 2 Batash introduced decent advanced armour.
  7. You could well be correct. However, to me, the still of the Merkava 4 appears not to be part of the clip of tests in Singapore. The terrain and vegetation seems more akin to that of Israel.
  8. Perhaps. It could also be part of a sales pitch and demonstration in Singapore of Trophy, as part of a potential sale of the system for integration on their Leopards.
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted on site. IAV 2021: Rafael offers new Armor Shield KE reactive armor tailored to APFSDS threat https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/iav-2021-rafael-offers-new-armour-shield-ke-reactive-armour-tailored-to-apfsds-threat
  10. The book is now available on the Tank Museum web site
  11. Hi, Just a head's up of a new book just published by the Tank Museum at Bovington. It is Richard Ogorkiewicz's autobiography which he had just completed before his death and which was brought to publication thorough the determination of David Willey, Curator of the museum. I received the book out of the blue as a gift, through I think, the good offices of Richard's wife. The book is entitled "Observer of Cold War tank development", it is 78 pages long and richly illustrated and is full of interesting facts and personal anecdotes. Once available for general sale, it looks likes it will be a purchase well made. Cheers Marsh
  12. I have seen with my own eyes where some of the plate has come from. It surprised me. That is all I can, or will, say.
  13. All Merkava models are made of rolled armor plates produced by Creusot-Loire Industrie (now Industeel). One thing I know, with absolute certainty, is that this is not correct.
  14. About 20 years ago I was sent photos, out of the blue, of Merkavas with the experimental Purple Thunder active defence system and an older, bulkier set up which I have never found out the name. I tore the photos into very small pieces and never mentioned them in any of my articles. Now, it seems, Purple Thunder has been declassified
  15. Hezbollah initially claimed they had fired a missile but then denied it. One of their squads, which had crossed the border near Har Dov, was intercepted and retreated back over the line. It seems that the intention was to launch an attack, but it was preempted. They seem to have put out their initial press release a little too early.
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