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  1. Yo, lurker poking by. I know WT links and all are frowned upon here but I've been looking to find anyone who has more resources for the J-12 (歼-12?). I have a WIP post for it but literally every source is coming from a website (will be listing below)



    What I'm particularly interested in are the documents (if any) where all these websites are pulling the performance figures from. It's a fairly intriguing lightweight supersonic that I just can't find much on. I did a quick cursory search on this forum to see if any mention of it was brought up but nothing came up either. 






  2. It was on the end of a line of AK47s.  The pawn shop dealt in guns that it sold to the local gangs - mostly to the girlfriends of gang members since the actual gangers could not buy guns.  The Model 8 was from an estate sale - the dealer picked it up as part of the sale and could not unload it.  He tried to even get the gangers to take it as part of his 3-1 sales deal - buy three AKs and get the Model 8 at 100 bucks.  


    I saw it with a 325 price tag.  I had to get some power tools and offered him 25 bucks for the rifle.  Sold.  I ran the serial on NCIC and confirmed I was its second owner, and that it was not stolen.


    To this day I chuckle over those chrome plated and pink AK47s with 50 rd mags and 100 rd drums with price tags at 2 grand each, and I walked out with a piece of history for the cost of a Mcdonalds meal. 


    Yakima WA, you have to love it.

    *Jelly intensifies*


    Don't be a hater.  I also got a MAS36 LG48 for 100 bucks at a gun show because the patriotic seller did not want to sully his hands with no "damn looser commie guns."  I agreed with him and scored a 500 buck original Vietnam bring back Viet Minh capture less than 300 in the world GL equipped piece of history.  And I made a dealer feel better for his patriotism.


    To make matters more funny, he had dozens of Mosins for sale.

    I really need to hop on the road and drive there sometime. Not the first time I've heard of this tale before, yet I still find it hard to believe you can walk away with such a deal...

    Ignorance truely is bliss sometimes.


    So, breaking my lurker status, here's a collection of thompsons and rifles (no idea on exact models, they all came in the same crate and are currently residing as displays at a local museum as a "free" storage place). People from WoTLabs might be familiar with these pictures:





    Hell, how do you get spoilers working?

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