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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the T-34 from NK wasn't well maintained, that mileage is far below anything else I've seen so far. I'll try to find the report though and see what else they say. I wonder what was written about the T-34 sent to the US during the war. I'll check that report too. 


    I posted the links because they provided primary sources. You can ignore what the authors say entirely if you like. 


    I also don't mean to be taking a side, just want to provide more data and sources instead of conjecture and opinion.

  2. Spoiler


    Found the T-72, 

    "[Talking about snorkel] Driving underwater was a dangerous and nerve wracking operation for the crews, yet considered important because the Soviet Union has many rivers but few Bridges" 


    No KGB in tank, only short men. 

    "Once the turret hatch was closed the height inside was minimal, so that neither the commander nor gunner could stand upright. It is said that the Soviet Army deliberately chose shorter men for their tank crews. Could You fight in such a claustrophobic space?" 


    Also Soviet State Arsenals best manufacturer, move aside UVZ. 


    Was in Nicholas or the museum that started the "T-34s have weld gaps everywhere and are made to survive 6 months"


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