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Venezuelan F-16 vs. druggies


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Earlier today, the Venezuelan Air Force used two of its F-16s to interdict a Embraer EMB-820C Navajo carrying 600+ packages of the white stuff. The pilots of the drug plane where Brazillians, they died. Source



I wonder what they used to down the plane? Pyhton IVs? 


Might this also be telling of the F-16s performance compared to their SU-30s that the F-16 was used?

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Probably gunfire.  US intercepts of drug planes are not normally armed with missiles.


It is interesting that Venezuela downed the plane, normally they are pretty tolerant of smuggling, and many smugglers can file flight plans with the government to avoid such complications.  The normal complaint is smuggling from Venezuela TO Brazil, which Lula traditionally tolerated as the junior partner in the old Lula / Chavez love fest.  The unusual direction the drugs were flying, and the resort to fighter intercept could say a lot about changing politics in America do Sur.

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