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Manned Missions to Other Planets (not Mars)

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This thread is for discussing distant-future missions to planetary targets other than Mars. The most well known are proposals for manned Venus missions during the Cold War.Manned Venus Flyby Proposal (1967) Manned Venus Orbiting Mission High Altitude Venus Operations Concept

Proposed NASA missions from this time period would likely have used Apollo hardware, while Soviet plans were contingent upon development of a heavy lifter in the N1/UR-700 class.


There's been some investigation into manned missions to other planets, but not as much. Here's a bit about a manned Mercury mission. Manned missions to Jupiter and Saturn were discussed as far back as the 1960s in conjunction with the Orion Project. Main challenges here include the long duration of the spaceflight, and radiation issues. This is especially true around Jupiter, where anything inboard of Callisto will fry you in short order. Crewed Mission to Callisto However, there are some very attractive targets, especially around Saturn. Titan and Enceladus spring to mind. Titan and Europa Mission Summary Even less has been said about exploring the outer gas giants, though there are at least a few people thinking about it: http://www.centauri-dreams.org/?p=12778



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