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  1. Very interesting read, thanks for posting, I wasn't aware of this document.
  2. Well, the study regarding the micro fighter is more of an unofficial one. I am however perplex they are considering as a starting point the old Viper engines from IAR-93 or IAR-99. Must be some sort of nostalgia for not finishing the previous project or new planes being scrapped in early 90s as IAR-93 which reached maturity by the time it was pulled out of Air Force. The other part which may look like nostalgia is the ground based guidance system which reminds me of MIG-21 Lazur. It is a pretty old system, not used anymore which would make the plane unlikely to be sold to other cou
  3. So I'm back on forums and I'm throwing a post hoping on a debate about an interesting concept, the micro fighters, MIG-21 being the best known model. Here is a short presentation of the concept and some theoretical perspectives made by some Romanian air engineers. This idea come into debate looking to replace the aging fleet of Mig-21 Lancer, a plane which was not demanding from financial point of view while being in decent number (around 80 at some point), packed a decent punch for 2000s being BVR capable too (albeit missiles weren't bought, at least officially) and most importan
  4. No prob, glad to help ! maybe I'll have time to read this forums more often, end of year was horrific. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!
  5. Eugene Kaspersky made a visit to Romania, here is blog entry and here more pictures. If you have questions about the places described in blog entry or shown in pictures just ask.
  6. Mosul attack live on youtube. I watched some parts, they talk to phones a lot and also dance before the battle .. it would be drool if it wouldn't be a war going on there. It should be slow considering that ISIL probably have bomb traps all over.
  7. Ops, forgot the link, I was in hurry to make it to training https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/04/27/can-the-tr-77-580-fit-into-wot/
  8. well documented article about TR-77-580, first Romanian designed tank
  9. Your welcome! Also a cut of booze here, I am struggling to resume regular sport and work out.
  10. The other SPG designed in Romania was Maresal: http://www.worldwar2.ro/arme/?language=en&article=244
  11. Thank you very much for the extensive explanation, it was very educative. I suppose Romanian Army does not use heavier bullets since there were rarely any reports about breaking of the receiver plate and I didn't heard ex-users that I know complaining too much about it. Also is wasn't used as a sniper rifle but as a designated marksman rifle so probably light ammo was sufficient. As far as I know PSL will be probably upgraded at some point. Back to history, I'll post some maps with WP exercises for Cold War going hot in Balkans along with a translation of an article of a Romanian recent h
  12. Hopefully you talk from own experience because I've read tons of critics against Romanian made weapons and many are hugely exaggerated and I also read tons of praises. Designs may have flaws, sure, but this is a war approved weapon in service for decades. Also you stated that it's worse while most sources say it is about the same. However, I am curious to find out why it's basically worse from long term durability. PSL were sold in early 80s in Irak and are still in use after 30 yrs... Also many don't take into consideration for what these weapons were made. These are not made to be heavil
  13. It is not worse, it's the same quality, performance etc. I stumbled upon this article and it's not the first I've read which rates pretty well Romanian PSL. http://www.dragunov.net/finn.html Yugoslavian engineers were also consulted when this DMR was made but they eventually picked another model given the huge quantities of 7.92 mm Mauser ammo.
  14. Why are you so surprised? Some British units still had Sten in 1991 Gulf War. I think Orita were in use until 70s but not with Army or Minister of Interior (Securitate, Militia) but with Patriotic Guards which was an entirely different organisation and received whatever was phased out by Army. All kind of WWII vintage was used by them like MG42, ZB30, Maxim, PPsH, Orita and even rifles such as Moisin Nagant or ZB at its inception in 1968. Romania has a long history of importing Czech weapons and such imports were normal between Warszaw Pact states. Last time when I saw a Samopal
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