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  1. Very interesting read, thanks for posting, I wasn't aware of this document.
  2. Well, the study regarding the micro fighter is more of an unofficial one. I am however perplex they are considering as a starting point the old Viper engines from IAR-93 or IAR-99. Must be some sort of nostalgia for not finishing the previous project or new planes being scrapped in early 90s as IAR-93 which reached maturity by the time it was pulled out of Air Force. The other part which may look like nostalgia is the ground based guidance system which reminds me of MIG-21 Lazur. It is a pretty old system, not used anymore which would make the plane unlikely to be sold to other cou
  3. So I'm back on forums and I'm throwing a post hoping on a debate about an interesting concept, the micro fighters, MIG-21 being the best known model. Here is a short presentation of the concept and some theoretical perspectives made by some Romanian air engineers. This idea come into debate looking to replace the aging fleet of Mig-21 Lancer, a plane which was not demanding from financial point of view while being in decent number (around 80 at some point), packed a decent punch for 2000s being BVR capable too (albeit missiles weren't bought, at least officially) and most importan
  4. Back from vacation and I'll probably resume in week-end. About BDD-type NERA on TR-85 first upgrade prototype, it was based on comparison with T-55s additional armor. It was the only technology available additional armor to copy therefore I doubt what is on the first TR-85 upgrade prototype it was very different hence my conclusion. Mind you, I specified in my first post I don't have technical knowledge/education and I may make mistakes. Thanks for the scan from Jane's , this is new for me and very helpful, especially the upgrade package of T-55 about I knew it was available and some
  5. Than why in page 14 are mentioned laser range finders on them? https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP84T00926R000200100004-8.pdf
  6. Depends what are these, TR-77 or TR-85. To me it looks like they're TR-77:
  7. The tank in the picture is TR-85M1 which is a middle 90s upgrade. This is the first upgrade prototype from late 80s and it is a bit different; it's the first time when additional armor was put on a Romanian tank which also looks different than the one from your picture. The source of info regarding TR-125 is Romanian wikipedia which gives the following: 380 mm stratified RHAe (chassis) 600 mm RHAe with additional armor (turret) I haven't seen pictures with the additional armor however I have seen mentioned in various occasions as being 20 mm. Assuming that from one tank t
  8. It's a typo, thanks! However, TR-77 was supposed to received 800 HP engine as well so I suppose that it could have been named TR-77-800 given the designation habit of Romanian army. The variant with elongated turret was too heavy for 580 HP engine and thus quite slow, albeit the space in the turret was more generous.
  9. TR-125 This is a MBT which design started in 1984 and was supposed to replace TR series and T-55s in armored and mechanized units of Romanian Army. In 1979 Romania bought T-72M and equipped a regiment in order to evaluate the product. It isn’t clear if the license to produce T-72s was requested and Soviet refused or we felt confident after making TR-77 and TR-85, however the designing of this new tank, a true MBT started in 1984 and first prototype was made in 1987. It is designed in the same manner as previous Romanian models compared with Soviet counterparts meaning more powerful arm
  10. TR-85-800 Next Romanian tank, with much better performance was the TR-85-800, which was presented first in 1982. The design started in 1978 and it was built until 1986. In it a redesign of TR-77-580. It solved the issues of the first tank built by Romania, mainly the engine and some fine tunning (mechanical problems, stratified armor in frontal glacis, FCS). It had an 830 HP engine, with improved features. Production was 100 tanks per year. I’ll mainly describe the improvements over TR-77-580. To keep the post concise I'll only highlight the improvements. This is the first batch prese
  11. The idea to produce a Romanian MBT was considered after 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia and it started at the beginning of 70s when Romanian Communist Party embarked in an effort of industrialization of the country. Along with MBTs, an entire variety of armored vehicle was produced ranging from APCs and IFVs to SPGs. I'll start with tanks and I will gradually add posts to this thread. Keep in mind that I am not a specialist and I am open to advice/suggestions. There is very little reliable info available online, some sources give contradictory information but I’ve selected the info from r
  12. http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/putin-s-old-moldova-map-alarms-romania-01-18-2017 Just another topic of the eternal discussion on how to dismantle Romania.
  13. Hah, I didn't noticed you reply either. Meanwhile the Maglan was nerfed and it makes rather balanced. What hurts a lot Israel is lack of long range AA and you might have problems with Ka-52s or Mi-28 or newer ATGM planes like Su-27M but still is one of the best nation in game. ATGMs and planes may ruin game balance. Meanwhile Yugoslavia and Finland were added. Yugos are quite strong and overmodeled in some areas like the heavy recon tank, Super Galeb and 2005 Bumbar missile. Airmobile/moto openings aren't the best. Finland imo is awful ; although they have some strong units,
  14. No prob, glad to help ! maybe I'll have time to read this forums more often, end of year was horrific. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!
  15. More Jazz from 70s-80s. This time Marius Popp Panoramic - 1977 Gordian Knot - 1983
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