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  1. The Italian Armored Infantry Combat System from both Iveco and Oto-Melara.
  2. Army Recognition is starting Turkish companies promotion.
  3. I found it funny :
  4. Yes. but can they developpe a tracked chassis fully compatible with the Boxer mission module standard ?
  5. To keep moving when the chassis is lowered. The track tension can be kept.
  6. Lol. The good old soviet time. Always better when unknown.
  7. And BAE will provide an ARV from its ACV too. (Already in the article, my bad)
  8. At the Bastille day, today, in front of the Paris city hall, display of the new range of medium force AFV : Griffon, Serval and Jaguar.
  9. The VBCI Philoctete. https://www.edrmagazine.eu/nexters-vbci-philoctetes-unveiled-at-defea
  10. The mission extender is not the Scarabée but the trailer. the trailer is autonomous. Can be controled from a vehicle. Can carry mission load. Two or three trailers can form a train.
  11. « Mission extender » autonomous trailer concept from the DGA :
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