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  1. Quick update on my end; I've nearly completed the hull. Outstanding work to be done: Model side skirts and armor Lower front plate armor array Fuel tank baffles Model suspension Reduce frontal armor array thickness Add APU Add Power Pack bay spall liner and fuel tanks I've completed everything on else on the Hull including; Powerpack Armor array design Front armor array modeled Crew compartments Front Fuel tanks Shock/blast/mine resistance Spall liner(s) Etc Currently weighs around 32
  2. For example travel 200km @ X speed then sit and defend (or wait in a combat ready state) for X hours before needing to refuel. Maybe that's called combat day requirements?
  3. What are the range and/or combat ready requirments for the LIC and HIC respectively? Also what fire suppression materials are available?
  4. Quick Random question... Is shaving cream available for use as a material?
  5. I've been stalking this for a while and decided to start up my own submission. Currently working in Onshape so everyone can go in and poke around the assembly if they want. I still got a long way to go but it's a start. Next up is finishing the powerpack, inserting the turret blockout, designing the autoloader, modeling the sponsons, skirt armor, suspension. I'll Probably be done with most of that by Monday. As a side note a lot of the parts in the assembly don't have the correct mass as of yet...
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