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  1. It's even worse than everything else...
  2. If the tracks are uncovered, and the exhausts aren't really redirected downwards, then the current set up isn't very useful.
  3. Secondarily, I don't know if this video has ever been posted here but I came across it recently. (Examine the rear of the tank at 0:30) RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE RATTLE
  4. I didn't notice, but yes. However I doubt CRARRV is actually getting any boost in engine spec, it'd require changes to the actual hull if they want to actually fit new cooling so at most I expect a rebuild of the engine.
  5. I believe Trojan was on 8a beforehand already. (You can see the huge air filter on the back of the hull) TN54 and CV12 can go 1500 and CV12 can even do 2000, but both were tested in the ATDU and it was noted the transmission was simply not capable of handling it and the tank vibrated (sounds familiar to another vibrating vehicle) to the point at which it was rattling off fastenings to the armor modules. If the contract was superseded I would probably assume that a new tender would have been released or the current one corrected.
  6. The official tender says 8a however? https://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:81842-2020:TEXT:EN:HTML&src=0 This also brings it out of commonality with the Trojan again, and secondly the Cv12 even at 6a is capable of 1500 hp with the main issue behind it that the transmission was incapable of handling it, so something like this seems a little wrong.
  7. How much Ajax has costed since 2010/11 source: https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-questions/detail/2021-06-04/10609
  8. HAAIP is now in full swing http://des.mod.uk/challenger-2-vehicles-upgrade-programme/
  9. This is what I call, a 'skill issue'.
  10. New blockbuster: AJAX: Pumping Iron (and a lot of money)
  11. No it was just the mantlet he was outlining, I assume. But in general what hasn't been established to be bad about the tank, it's quite hard to jeer the tank now sometimes since its all already known stuff.
  12. 360mm cast armor + the front piece which is 2/3rds hollow so around -50-100mm RHA (hopefully RHA) sloped based on the photos wiedz posted, you get not enough armor to stop any soviet/russian round after the 90's into the 2000s and beyond. And a jammed elevation drive. This isn't including that it basically takes up 1/3rd of the total turret face of the tank.
  13. Though I still do see what you mean, I've noticed a lot of people sometimes realizing some of the infinite disadvantages the CR2 has on its belt compared to any other MBT, but not many people.
  14. Oh I get it now. Very nice photos
  15. To anyone that's got even a remotely trained eye the CR2 was already atrocious, at least that's what I assumed, I was thinking more about the regular person still has that image probably.
  16. Won't collapse yet for a fair bit. So many are still holding onto that mantlet, the suspension making the tank mobile, the 'dorchester', the L27 being a mythical round, the LFP not being an existent target. A tank failing in trials is somehow okay but a tank 'failing' in combat is indicative of bad design.
  17. It's definitely sub 700 no matter what. The air gap far exceeds the LOS of the front mantlet piece of the set up with some basic measuring, and consider that you can see the diameter of the trunnion in the turret shell photos it's very mediocre, so sub 600mm effective LOS down to 550. The trunnion is probably cast too considering the shape...
  18. More like he posted very inaccurate measurements to do that.
  19. What do you mean I can't just throw my entire tank fleet into a breakthrough point?
  20. That's actually very cool. Funny how so much stuff can be intertwined sometimes.
  21. Spreading to communities entirely unrelated like a wildfire. Anyways to switch the topic to something a little more bright. I did a bit of an analysis of the CR2 turret and its protection coverage. I would like some feedback but imo this gives a pretty good insight to the tanks turret, I will be maybe working on a full analysis of the turret mantlet soon if I feel like it to see an accurate representation of its armor
  22. Never thought I’d be on international news because someone got mad at me and wanted to prove a point.
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