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   A major diplomatic breakthrough occurred in Beijing. After the unpublished talks between the delegations of Iran and Saudi Arabia, mediated by China, that took place there in recent days, a tripartite statement was adopted that Iran and Saudi Arabia intend to resume diplomatic ties between the countries, incl. resume the work of each other's embassies and generally improve relations between countries, etc. Let me remind you that diplomatic relations with Iran were severed by Saudi Arabia and a number of its allies in early 2016.


   Negotiations on the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran have been going on for quite some time went through the mediation of Iraq and Oman, but in general it is no coincidence that in the end the parties were able to finally agree in the capital of China. Beijing has developed great political activity there and is now actually trying to change the entire political architecture that the United States has built for many years in the region and with the isolation of Iran ..


   As far as Iran and Saudi Arabia are concerned, frankly, both sides are already clearly tired of the state of the "cold war" of recent years. Of course, the contradictions between them will not go away, but at the moment Tehran and Riyadh are interested in reducing tension in order to solve other accumulated problems.








   On behalf of China, the statement was signed by Member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, Head of the Office of the Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC on Foreign Affairs Wang Yi, on the part of Saudi Arabia - Minister of State, National Security Advisor Musaid bin Mohammed al-Ayban, on the part of Iran - Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council - Ali Shamkhani.




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