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  1. Agree, Kongsberg definitely has a leg up. “The Army will award up to seven design integration study contracts for potential vendors to evaluate integrating a MCWS onto a Stryker ICVVA1 platform.The Army will supply both a Stryker platform and the XM813 30mm cannon to build production representative system samples, the official said.”
  2. Like reply, apart from what I’ve quoted. The US isn’t buying more turrets from Kongsberg, it’s staging a competition to supply a remote turret that can mount the 30mm Bushmaster gun (XM813?), within which, Kongsberg will likely compete.
  3. From the static display of Exercise Chong Ju: “Lightweight mortar” M777A2:
  4. Yep it was on display at AUSA last year.
  5. Absolutely. Due to the use of lasers etc. only cell phone cameras are permitted, but I’ll get some pics at the static display area & post them.
  6. I’m fortunate to be attending Chong Ju tomorrow. Should be a good day, with a Mech Inf combat team, cav troop, combat engineers, artillery battery, attack aviation, & CAS all live firing.
  7. And led to a change in turret orientation for rail movement for A3s: gun now at 2 o’clock, over the engine exhaust, at -5 degrees depression.
  8. Just waiting for the inevitable conflation of UK AJAX variants (Apollo etc.) with the Australian offerings (AJAX Fitters etc.). Was interesting to hear the rationale being that GD didn’t want to dilute or confuse the AJAX brand. Apparently the GD turret has yet to be released in the public domain & differs from what has been illustrated to date.
  9. I think it’s to weight the spring to prevent it bouncing out of place?
  10. so no ID on where this was built? Do re-furbed bulls have the suffix removed?
  11. 5345-A as an Australian example. What are the other suffixes?
  12. Just need someone to post a pic of the turret serial to check whether the suffix is ‘U’.
  13. Any sources/references for that? Would be interested to read what was said.
  14. Wasn’t Griffin 2 for MPF & Griffin 3 for the optionally manned requirement?
  15. There’s a bulkhead between the commander & gunner and the main armament/ammunition intended to prevent ammunition cookoff from injuring the crew. The same bulkhead necessitated to relocation of the co-ax to the gunner’s right. The integrity of the bulkhead is compromised in the event that the autoader fails and the gun is run in reversionary mode. I believe the hull ammunition stowage is compartmentalised as well, as the only access to it is via the doors on the glacis. This slows down reloading, clearly.
  16. Would love to see a rear view. See what they’ve changed for MPF.
  17. Regarding the Oshkosh M-ATV/TAK-4 suspension: I’m looking for dimensions on the track (distance between the center line of each of the two wheels on the same axle). I’ve got 2,100 mm in my notes but would like to verify that.
  18. Thanks. Makes sense - which probably reduces the likelihood of it being adopted! 😂
  19. Is M1A2B official nomenclature? I’ve only seen reference to M1A2C (SEP v.3) and M1A2D (v.4) in US Army literature.
  20. Yep. Look at the relative distance from the grenade box to the front of that armour plate. Definitely longer, like IP M1 to M1 turret.
  21. The Puma turret is not a Lance turret. There is a remote Lance turret, but it is not the same as that fitted to the Puma (though the Puma turret has been fitted to Boxer for trade shows, further confusing matters).
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