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  1. I think someone just made it with his own hands. And the Ministry of Defense says that they are too expensive...
  2. Secret T-14 Armata winter exercise with a new gun, of course And of course it is not clear for what and why
  3. Competition "The Best winter camouflage" is open! Our nominees:
  4. Tell me, does the IDF use Magah’s tanks? Or did IDF go completely to the merkava tanks?
  5. What is this brand of armor? It can be the same with this?:
  6. with Google "Central Wars®, the tank battalion deputy battalion, Jia Yuanyou have reached 1000 milli RIXE"
  7. Representatives of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Egypt in Kharkov on KMDB. It's all before the show IDEX-2018 which will be in Egypt. They were shown the BTR-4 and BTR-4-MB1, T-72 and T-62 tanks with 6TD engines. And "BM Oplot". Well, there were firing of course. https://theworldnews.net/ua-news/v-preddverie-debiutnoi-mezhdunarodnoi-oboronnoi-vystavki-khar-kov-posetili-egipetskie-tankisty-foto
  8. Deal. Plan "b" as option doesn't matter: on the Obj 219sp2 base. Now even a normal tank cannot be made on this base. Chassis outdated. BM Bulat for example
  9. with some modifications that made in Kiev after the death of the USSR. But in general, yes. I agree with you, but in general, I believe that their strength will be enough. After the death of the USSR, they created some elements for tanks. Finally, they can use any parts form T-80 chassis and combat control system from most newest tank what ukrain have. T-Rex its PR project. On the basis of the T-64 (Obj 432 if you like), nothing can be done normally. But something can be done normally on the basis of the BM Oplot, my opinion.
  10. US Army pick 2 applicants for competition "The Army picked its two traditional armored vehicle manufacturers, General Dynamics and BAE Systems, to build contending prototypes for its Mobile Protected Firepower light tank, the service announced today. Each company will get up to $376 million to build 12 prototypes, with delivery starting in 14 months and testing in 16. In 2022, the Army will pick a final winner to build a planned 504 vehicles." https://breakingdefense.com/2018/12/army-picks-bae-gd-for-mpf-light-tank-prototypes/
  11. I do not condone anyone, but they themselves can make guns and shells. KBA-3 for example, but this is just a modification of 2A46M. Azovets was made by engineers from "Azov" nazi-regiment Yes, all works were transferred to the Russian Federation at the mid 90s. If i remember correct, "Nota" prototype stored in RF. But KMDB have more information about it, for obvious reasons. They can use (will use, if new project will start) this information.
  12. The main work was done by Kharkov KMDB while the USSR was alive. Of course, they didn’t do anything more serious than a "BM Oplot", but that doesn’t cancel their development capabilities. But as I said, they have money difficulties. And this is the most important problem. This will not prevent them from making test samples of tanks. But they can only dream of mass production. As you said, Object 477 is a Soviet mbt. By the same principle, they can use it to "re-mix of Soviet-designed parts", i think. Of course, if they didn't sold everything to China for example.
  13. Object 477 - its colossal experience for any country and especially for Ukraine. As you can remember, Russia and Ukrain worked on it together. Russia after then created the Object 195 and T-14 after few years. Kharkiv KMDB have everything for the successful creation of a new generation of tanks: "brains", experience, production capacity. Everything except money. Anyway, they will have enough strength for a couple of demonstration tanks. Maybe foreign investors will help. Or the government will find money (hardly)
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