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  1. Some great M1 photos from Trident Juncture 2018
  2. typical gas station in Norway during the NATO exercise #WhereIsTheFuelThereWeAre
  3. This is antenna? I immediately remembered it
  4. I thought the front tank wheel cannot be damaged in this way.
  5. But seriously, what could be the reason?
  6. Karamazov

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    At first I decided that I had problems with my eyes. I was wrong. it's horrible
  7. autocannon flipped like a Ka-50/52 front gun. as long as I remember, there were talks about it on Otvaga maybe like Merkava 4 gunner sight after shooting. Video from vk user. He is gunner or loader on Merkava 4. Here you can clearly see how it degrades the quality https://vk.com/videos150520155?section=uploaded&z=video150520155_166234434%2Fpl_150520155_-1
  8. BMP-3 with Kornet ATGM? To many drugs was used by this picture author Of course they meant Arkan shot?
  9. can you drop any photo if they are? i can't open this link