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  1. How did I miss that. Drapes didn't seem to be like that at all when I talked to him. I was an unofficial contributor to his site for a few months before I just got busy and lost interest. That information would be from him if I had to guess.
  2. Bunch of trash from both sides of the aisle today, the state of political debate is pathetic. Sit Spencer and your average commie down in a room, film it, and show the world for all to laugh. Neither will have a constructive argument. Unfortunately this entire event will silence debate even further, and RIP to those that died.
  3. Hard to tell how stable T-14 looks while firing thanks to that awful panning. An improvement over the original results, though.
  4. I can't confirm this but anything above x12 would come to be a surprise. Russia doesn't have the experience in thermal imagers as say Germany, France or the U.S.
  5. Since when has Zuk been on this forum, lol. The first diagram Met749 posted is probably the most accurate in regards to T-14. It would make no sense for the layout to be otherwise (ie heavily sloped like the T-64 and onward) because of the new use of ceramic composite armour. I suspect that the external ERA is mounted upon a thin outer layer of metal/armour, which is then followed by spacing and finally the composite. It makes the most sense.
  6. Trump is a closet liberal, always has been. The so called "protests" are hilariously pathetic though.
  7. Wait, what? It is literally just steel and ERA? I remember hearing that diagrams showed it to most probably be a variation on the steel-STEF layout, maybe not.
  8. Yes, I have been seeing this popping up as well. A guy named U.W.A. kind of claimed recent MS' were Proryv-3 of sorts and had the 2A82, which is false. We don't have confirmation it is even possible to fit the 2A82 other than a diagram showing there might be enough room to do so (per Gurkhan). There's a lot of misinformation surrounding the "T-90M" to begin with: the T-90AM never existed anywhere but paper IIRC and Sputnik recently claimed they were in service. We may never see it if Armata gets off to a good start.
  9. I like the idea of basically turning radioactive waste (specifically Plutonium products) into glass with the help of blast furnace slag as mentioned: here... http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022311513010313 and here: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/news/nr/nuclear-research-sheffield-university-fukushima-1.324913 Dramatically reduces the waste's volume and its radioactivity while being reasonably affordable. Outside of this, breeders (as some have brought out) are a massive help in disposal and could be much more so in the future. IMHO MSR burner designs are a
  10. Most probably true. I know that the explosive charge 4S24 (used in Relic and can be equipped with Kontakt-5) is supposed to be dramatically more sensitive than 4S22 when it comes to HEAT charges and such.
  11. Interesting. So they're advertising that their rifles can knock out the sensors on Armata. I still don't get why people other tanks are any different. Nothing keeps T-14's optics from being as (if not better) protected as contemporaries. Why is it in Russian though?
  12. Article from the most reliable source ever: http://izvestia.ru/news/636502 The only reason I even bother posting it is because the information contained is basically a known: Armata will use an updated variant of the Kalina FCS as seen on the T-90MS. The article claims the T-72 and T-90 will receive but that's kind of unlikely for both unless the latter gets updated. This plus other news basically means T-14 has a comparable FCS to any of the Western beasts (for the first time since the 70's on a Russian tank tbh). TC can designate targets that are then relayed to the Gunner's screen, said
  13. The gun looks more polished, probably a production unit. Nice seeing an Aussie on here, welcome to SH (I realize I'm late )
  14. I love how confident Demochenko looks. Makes you think...
  15. Going off of a report I saw a while back, rods over a certain length, say 1100 mm, begin to become noticeably impractical versus shorter counterparts. Basically, the longer length makes them more fragile and likely to shatter on impact (and against ERA). The solution around the issue is to make the rod thicker, but this dramatically increases weight and reduces its aerodynamic efficiency. Interestingly enough, this new rod appears no thicker, maybe even thinner, than the 63A1's. Most likely b/c it is a mock up. @Militarysta Maximum muzzle energy, IIRC.
  16. I am interested in how it will compare with the 2A82-1M -- which itself claims to have 20-25% over the L/55 cannon. Also, I doubt the new APFSDS's rod will be much longer than 900-950 mm in length as performance begins to decrease eventually. We will see.
  17. I remember an Armata dev. (or MOD official) claiming the crew could survive ammunition detonation. I take their word with a grain of salt but it would suggest more than 5mm.
  18. Wow, great drawing! I don't understand the whole "Armata doesn't have a real capsule" discussion, namely because I don't read Russian. Is the argument that it would require spacing in every direction?
  19. Outstanding articles (I have read the Russian ones before but it is nice to read the English ones) though it is worth mentioning a few things about Nozh/Duplet. Simulations (posted earlier in this thread I believe) show that Nozh's operating...forces will not be of significant use against APFSDS. The outer casing of the ERA brick effectively gets molded and pushed out against an incoming projectile via the HEAT jets, and this acts as what is basically a scaled down version of typical ERA -- plates shifting against rods or jets. In addition, the jets themselves will smear against the rod more
  20. LoooSeR, do you think Vacuum-1 (or the round T-14 will use, generally) would retain the Svinets-1's width of 22mm, or go up to 25mm (thereabouts)? Given the rod will be ~900mm it makes since it would become wider, for the same reason the M829A3 did. (Note this makes a massive difference in penetrator weight. Assuming monoblock Wolfram around 17 g/cm3, the 22mm width would give a weight of just under 6 kilos, and 25mm ~7.5 kg)
  21. Woah woah woah! What? I thought it wouldn't be a part of this year's parade Great images, looks very good without the side skirts.
  22. I'm not sure. This is the oldest (and most official) article I could find: http://www.ardec.army.mil/news/article.aspx?id=2508 Hard to tell if the 70km figure includes RAP or not - though that much of an improvement on "just" a charge upgrade and longer barrel seems a bit unrealistic. Modular charges and an L/52 can't even get close to that on the PZH's gun, for example.
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