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The Worm Thread (For Actual Worms)

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2 hours ago, Priory_of_Sion said:

I thought this was going to be about actual worms and I'm now disappointed. 


I just came across this paper on the intestinal worms of a German soldier in France during WW1, yeah worms are cool

Yeah, what the fuck?


Where is the love for worms?

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On 2/1/2018 at 11:07 AM, Toxn said:

The very model of a modern major model animal:


I've always enjoyed this quote on nematodes:


In short, if all the matter in the universe except the nematodes were swept away, our world would still be dimly recognizable, and if, as disembodied spirits, we could then investigate it, we should find its mountains, hills, vales, rivers, lakes, and oceans represented by a film of nematodes. The location of towns would be decipherable, since for every massing of human beings there would be a corresponding massing of certain nematodes. Trees would still stand in ghostly rows representing our streets and highways. The location of the various plants and animals would still be decipherable, and, had we sufficient knowledge, in many cases even their species could be determined by an examination of their erstwhile nematode parasites.



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