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General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

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More submarine news - the Indian navy forgot to close a hatch on their SSBN:



INS Arihant left crippled after ‘accident’ 10 months ago

Nuclear submarine was damaged after water entered its propulsion chamber

Indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant has suffered major damage due to ''human error'' and has not sailed now for more than 10 months, say sources in the Navy.

Arihant is the most important platform within India’s nuclear triad covering land-air-sea modes.

Arihant’s propulsion compartment was damaged after water entered it, according to details available with The Hindu. A naval source said water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake while it was at harbour.

The Ministry of Defence did not respond to questions from The Hindu.


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-the USN has no immediate plans on a LRLAP replacement

-Captain Kirk’s comments could be interpreted as the USN waiting for 155mm HVP rounds

-the Zumwalts are being repurposed for surface combat instead of supporting amphibious assaults


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FGS Baden-Württemberg has reportedly been returned to Blohm+Voss after failing trials



Defects cited in the news report include software and hardware issues, likely the same ones which caused her to miss her commissioning deadline this summer. As Naval Today reported earlier, there are problems with the frigate’s operations room from where the highly-automated ship will be controlled.


This is a complex system as the 7000-tonne frigate (close to the displacement range of a destroyer) will require only half the crew necessary to operate the predecessor Bremen-class frigates.


FGS Baden-Württemberg has been experiencing problems ever since it was delivered to the navy for trials. In addition to hardware and software integration, the frigates have a listing problem. They list 1.3 degrees to starboard and are overweight, an issue that could possibly complicate future upgrade options.

How many ships that listed while fresh out of the shipyards were accepted for service?

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I think the list was already solved the problem now is mainly the Software isnt up to the requirement.

Also good of them to return the ship. I hope Blohm+Voss learns for the next ones from this.

The next next one of these "Frigates" should also be due this year.

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