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  1. And if you really want to understand tank design, and why some choices are made.... check out the tank design competition. It will, if you read through it, along with a lot of the supporting documents in that and the other competition threads actually enlighten you a great deal about tank design and functionality. Form follows function, in general. And if it doesn't match up with other forms to meet similar criteria it probably means there are compromises or hidden criteria. Take the time to learn, and maybe ask some deeper, interesting and semi intelligent questions and you might be pleasantly surprised. Or don't. We dont really care
  2. Common? No. Its mostly un needed. It might even stop if you can, maybe, just maybe, chill out a bit and stop being a lover of Nazi cock. Or... engage with people in a constructive manner. Le shrug.
  3. I think all of them. Tho that's not a Merkeva. That's a Namer.
  4. https://twitter.com/BNONews/status/1191479870884339712/photo/1
  5. Report to Congress on FFG(X) Program: https://news.usni.org/2019/10/18/report-to-congress-on-u-s-navy-frigate-ffgx-program-5
  6. A shot I hadn't seen before. XB-70 after a high speed flight. Mach 3 is a little hard on the paintjob.
  7. Supercavitating small arms ammo. " Classified as Multi Environment Ammunition – MEA – this projectile is effective against submerged targets and targets in the air. Depending on the weapon and the used loading variant, this ammunition is suitable for use in partial or fully submerged weapons, regardless of if the target is in water or on the surface. Due to the unconventional shape and significant mass, this round offers great armor-piercing capability against Multi-Layer Structures. This shape is also very effective against targets with fiber structure or mud, even when covered by sand. This projectile may be offered in two loading variants, A2 and X2, where both enable swimming capabilities. A2 load is the most powerful when engaging targets in air or water, but can only be shot from the air. Suitable for patrol boats, machine guns, coastal guards, and dedicated marksmen that would engage Multi-environment threats. X2 load is designed for combat swimmers and SOF personnel who operates submerged. " https://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/dsg_technology_unveils_cav-x_supercavitating_ammunition_for_submerged_special_operation_forces.html
  8. https://www.janes.com/article/91652/brazil-and-south-africa-conclude-development-of-a-darter-aam A Darter AAM concludes development.
  9. Given some of the strikes the Houthis have pulled off with the equipment they have this doesn't look unreasonable, given what LoOoser has posted. Edit: To be clear, I think this strike was directed by Iran... But I'm pretty convinced that the Houthis were the instrument of that strike.
  10. Babcock selected to run the Type 31e Frigate program for the UK.. https://www.janes.com/article/91166/babcock-claims-uk-type-31e-frigate-prize
  11. https://www.janes.com/article/90883/mspo-2019-zmt-offers-ukm-2000pe-machine-gun-to-norway ZMT offering the UKM 2000PE to Norway to replace thier MG3s.
  12. Today I learned that there is a farm in Sweden that makes cheese out of Moose milk, and that it sells for approxiimately $500/lb. https://www.atlasobscura.com/foods/moose-cheese?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=gastro-page
  13. https://www.janes.com/article/90812/mbda-unveils-surface-launched-brimstone-platform-concepts
  14. https://www.defencetalk.com/china-russia-sign-heavy-helicopter-deal-72511/ " China and Russia have fully agreed upon and signed a commercial contract on a joint heavy helicopter development project, said Miao Wei, China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology, on Wednesday. " " The joint heavy helicopter Miao referred to is dubbed “Advanced Heavy Lift.” It is expected to be 40-ton class, with a weight-lift capability of 15 tons, a range of 630 kilometers and a top speed of 300 kilometers an hour, Russian news channel RT previously reported. "
  15. https://www.janes.com/article/90764/dynamit-nobel-defence-to-begin-rgw-110-firing-trials-in-2020 Upgraded Pf3, I guess. Looks kinda neat.
  16. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/airbus-canada-fighters-1.5265665 Airbus pulling out of Canadian fighter competition.
  17. Canuckistani Helos just might get some upgrades. https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2019/08/canada-expands-ch-149-cormorant-fleet-capability/
  18. Uh, OH-58 saw service as of '69. 1st one shot down was March 27, 1970, in Vietnam.
  19. I don't have a major grudge against the Sudanese. I'm ok with them sticking to the Saudis.
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