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  1. But he didn't "insult our tank waifu" - I honestly couldn't care less about the Leoclerc -, he shat on it because of the notion it is made by France and Germany, nations which can't build tanks according to him, thats what I was getting at. If I were to bash russian tanks on sturgeonshouse just because they are russian, I think my account would be locked in no time. I hope it never comes to that on sturgeonshouse, since this is one of the last forums on the net without such trolls...
  2. Ok, you call it harsh, I call it fucking stupid! Disregarding tanks just because of nationality kills your credibility like nothing else, so he is just a fucking troll in my regard. edit: I get what you mean, you maybe think I meant "moderated forum", but I wrote moderate forum, as in "tempered".
  3. Interesting what a certain russian? troll has to say: Someone asked if this hybrid would be an answer to the Armata: - Wiedzmin: в плане идиотских решений более чем, совместить продукцию страны которая танки не умела делать никогда, с продукцией страны которая вообще не понимает что такое танки это сильно да. - отрохов: Может Вы тут нам старым и глупым для понимания всё-же расскажите что такое есть танки? - Wiedzmin: что угодно произведенное не немцами и французами например And I always thought otvaga is rather moderate, sad...
  4. Can anyone confirm this? If yes, it's a logical explanation, thx!
  5. So the whole gun assembly behind the mantlet made out of titanium is actually thin air, or cardboard maybe? Good to know, thx!
  6. You should update your drawing then. I don't get how you are arriving at the 280mm protection vs KE.
  7. How are you getting 280mm for the gun mantlet? Isn't the gun shield alone 200mm thick? Or is it just the raw armor value of the gun mantlet without the gun shield?
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