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  1. SH_MM also stepped up with some really dumb contradictions, like saying that no ngp prototype was ever build, but ngp was never cancelled. He litterally implied no Puma was ever build. How dumb is that?
  2. You failed the reading comprehension test once again. I didn't ask for pictures of you 'providing a source', i ask for a picture of the source. 'suspension' doesn't mean 'hydropneumatic suspension'. I mentioned 'suspension' because it's decoupled.
  3. Do you understand what the logical operator 'and' does? Another proof that your dimwit brain can only handle one condition. The vehicles you mentioned don't satisfy the remaining conditions.
  4. It's a typo. "Father of the Armata" doesn't imply "Russians stole the unmanned turret concept from the West". I already explained why, but your dimwit brain can't handle more than one condition.
  5. Never claimed modular didn't exist before. Never claimed EGS used hydro shocks. It doesn't matter when KM started to develope the decoupled running gear. It's still an adaptation. You have the reading comprehension of a six-year-old. You didn't provide any sources either. Pics or it didn't happen.
  6. The Armata is a concept for a family of AVs with an unmanned turret. Where do you see a family of AVs? I don't see more than a MBT in the thread. WIth the NGP however I do.
  7. You contradicted yourself twice in one post, because the Puma is an adaptation of the EGS(running gear + modular armour).
  8. I don't see how a test bed can't be a prototype, but whatever..... Also i never claimed that the EGS was a prototype. If you post the drawing of the TTK, I will correct the thread.
  9. The photograph doesn't simply show the EGS, but the TTK(EGS + built in battle simulater) which was used as a testbed for the NGP. How is that not a NGP prototype? The EGS is not unrelated to the NGP, because it's appurtenant to the realization of the two-crewmen concept. Do you have a source on the dimensions and road wheel size? You apparently have little to no clue what you are talking about. Please try to check facts before spreading incorrect informations.
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