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  1. Can you type those out?
  2. Right, I'm back, expect something sometime soon as soon as I stop being lazy.
  3. Sorry everyone, I'm actually in London for the week. So no signatures till later.
  4. I don't really think stealth is going to prevent MRAAM launches by the time it's a feature in everyone's inventory. ROE might do that for us, but with the speed stealth is getting challenged, it doesn't look very good for the SRAAM-gun knife fight scenario filled future. Then again other things might catch up on detection first so who really knows I suppose? That just means we need a bigger boat (not really).
  5. War is Boring isn't the best source ever. The F-35 lost to one of the best turn fighters in the skies. I don't see how that's surprising. Also, the original source itself is sort of fishy. Especially that bit about a cramped cockpit. The Viper doesn't exactly have much room in there either.
  6. Zmech will come tomorrow.
  7. Glad I could give everyone a nice banner to look at when they post. An AR-10? Nice. I've never even seen one in real life.
  8. You're welcome. Though it seems like Sturgeon didn't quite like his. :c
  9. Um...Tied, I'm more than happy to make more sigs for you, but why are you asking for so many?
  10. I'll do the rest later. It's getting late, and I spent too much time doing other things. XD
  11. It's not that gun play was necessary, but it's an optional feature that was a part of the previous iteration and taking it out seems rather odd (though they've probably rebuilt the engine so it's likely a matter of "we didn't add it in" rather than "we took it out"). The bigger thing is from what I can tell, we've just got something that sounds like invincibility frames (or purposely gimped hostile AI) that makes dropkicking off walls and other crazy stuff possible (I'd complain, but it's not like most of the jumps you do are actually possible in real life XD). What's more, their explanation of it is that Faith is against lethal force which sounds kind of funny when I launch someone out of a 30th floor story window. Vegas 1 and 2 weren't that bad. I just hope they increase recoil and remove hitmakers (heartbeat sensor is simply ridiculous and removing it shouldn't even be a question).
  12. I'm personally excited for Catalyst (hype free roam), though I'm a bit miffed that they've allegedly removed gun play entirely. The skyline looks like so much fun to explore. Maybe they'll add a walk button so you don't look like an idiot in crowded areas. I've also been following Battlefront DICE. It looks fun, but it doesn't have the same over the top crazy stuff that Battlefront used to have (on rails AT-AT is like a bad insult). Still, I'm a sucker for pretty graphics and damn, does DICE deliver on that front. As for Siege, I'm interested, but it seems like they're trying their hardest to totally ruin the franchise name (hit markers and legal wall hacks to seize the "tactical advantage"). Just Cause 3 is going to be explosive. Spam that grappling hook; physics be dammed.
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