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  1. not very interesting test, but real tank(Tyep99) test in interesting, there was also photos of ballistic test of type 99 UFP, is there any info about this test ?
  2. kinda comparsion of 3 photogrammetry scans... size can be a little off, but not much
  3. 32mm IIRC, and belly plate 9,5mm(don't know from what it could protect...)
  4. kinda not sure that there was any increase in frontal thickness, only side part to improve protection in 20degree arc of attack
  5. made better pic, 85-110mm estimate is a bit overestimation, but... lower plate also could be welded "box" and not simple RHA plate
  6. also possible that upper part of mantlet is simple steel( two) plates) with addons on it, but due to museum have prototype vehicle, maybe something different used on serial vehicle... and mantlet is a...thin...
  7. with all of that "tons of "armour"" frontal part doesn't look thick, and mantlet protection module is a .... 150-160mm max at 73-72 deg which gives 550mm LOS max with mantlet + trunnion block behind it
  8. what was idea(i understand that it need ribs for strength) behind Leopard 2 belly bended inward(and weld shut concave areas with additional plates) and not outward like on T-series and use those bended areas as place for torsion bars ?
  9. tube used for failed ammo round IIRC, to not throw it to the ground where "someone" could pick it
  10. mk3 welded turret and casted and engine bay "armor" wall
  11. https://yadlashiryon.com/news/16-בדצמבר-2020-טנק-המרכבה-סימן-1-האמנם-הייתה/
  12. made very rough model(only for understanding how geometry of detail look like IRL) of Mk4 frontal turret parts, right "wall" have trunnion resolver or something like that in "big hole"
  13. well first plate is steel, and there must be K-5 inside
  14. Arjun sides, emm... textolite ?
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