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  1. So the Monoliith would likely have the range advantage lol, perhapse not the hit probability advantage, but it would not matter that mutch.
  2. I must say I was actually quite surprised to see the Monolith doing as well as it did, but no points for meeting the penetration requirement with APHE? I wonder what an engagement between a Monolith and Stumpy would look like.
  3. 1) I was referring to modern APFSDS, I do not think it will be practical to protect a single layer of thin steel against it with ERA. Shaped charges of infantry rockets are a different story, but I still wonder if it would not be better to just use NERA instead of thoes ludicrous ERA blocks. 2) I agree that they are unlikely to get a good vehicle out of this program, I just though it silly to mount a lightly armored manned turret on a hull that should be relatively resistant to most autocannon. Most of my suggestions were unmanned turrets with a similar armament to Berezhok.
  4. Probably for marginal side protection considering the appearance of thoes side modules. I guess they are trying to meet the minimum side protection requirements of export customers.
  5. Damn if they can minimise the size of a KE ATGM to that extent just imagine how terrifying the larger ones for IFVs and helicopters will be.
  6. I was talking about the Drok. Surely a self propelled Vasilek would be a much better 82mm light self propelled mortar.
  7. Why have the Russians not used the Vasilek instead of that strange breachloading mortar?
  8. East Oil Company MBT-1 Monolith Final Parameter Value Mass, combat (armor) 110.3 (52.9) Length, combat (transport) 27.9' (without gun) 51.2' (with gun) Width, combat (transport) 17.6' (13.9' transport ) Height, combat (transport) 10.1' Ground Pressure, zero penetration 1918psf Estimated Speed 37.2mph Estimated range 444 miles Crew, number (roles) 3 (commander, gunner, driver) Main armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 7 3/32" L/60 (24 rounds) Secondary armament, caliber (ammo count ready/stowed) 2x 315/64" automatic mortars (copy of Vasilek) (42 rounds) Vehicle feature list: Mobility: 1. Link to appendix 1 2. Engine: Object-770 engine 3. Transmission: Object-770 transmission 4. Fuel - Type: Diesel 5. The radiators are deep inside the engine bay with air supplied to them via two ducts mounted along the sides of the engine bay. 6. Suspension: The suspension is derived from that of the T-10M. Survivability: 1. Link to appendix 1 2. Link to appendix 2 3. The Monolith has a gun a vertical travel of -12 to +15 degrees. For enhancing its survival in an ambus situation it is equipped with 8 MON-90 anti personnel mines to protect against and deter infantrymen and 2 2B9 Vasilek 315/64" automatic mortars with 21 bombs each to bombard ATGM positions. Furthermore the tank is equipped with two large IR dazzlers. Firepower: A. Weapons: 1x 7 3/32" L/60 (24 rounds), 2x 315/64" automatic mortars (copy of Vasilek) (42 rounds), 3x .50cal HMG (copy of KORD) (1200 rounds) 1. Link to appendix 1 2. Main Weapon: 1x 7 3/32" L/60 a. Type: Smoothbore high velocity gun. b. Caliber: 7 3/32" c. ammunition types and performance: APFS, AFSDS(steel), APFSDS(segmented DU core), HEATFS(normal),HEATFS(tandem), HEFS (AIX-2) d. Ammo stowage: 24 round belt tpe autoloader with chan rammer. 3. Secondary weapon 2x 315/64" automatic mortars (copy of Vasilek) b. 315/64" c. The full range of the Vasilek's ammunition. d. 21x2 (42) e. Slaved to the gunner's main sight, two plane stabilised. f. Both can be set to fire at once or separately allowing for two different types of ammunition to be loaded. 4. Link to appendix 3 B. Optics: 1. Two plane stabilised 1.5-30x main sight with built in laser rangefinder and image intenisfier. 2. Two plane stabilised 4-8x backup sight with built in image intensifier, 3 plane stabilised 1.5-30x commanders sight with built in image intensifier. C. FCS: 1. The commander can mark the azimuth of targets and their priority on the gunner view (achieved through a rotating wheel with lights on it) or alternatively rotate the turret to face what he is looking at, in the event of the gunner being incapacitated the commander can override his controls and slave the turret to the commanders sight. 2. Link to appendix 3 Fightability: 1. The vehicle includes an airconditioning system (below the gunners seat) allowing for the crew to remain at a comfortable temperature 2. The autoloader can be reloaded by two people at once allowing for more rapid reloading and cranes for handling the ammunition are built into the tank (not depicted) 3. The crew are completely isolated from the ammunition and outside environment. 4. The Monolith has been designed so that with relatively minor modernisation it cab even match tanks such as the pre war T-14 Armata, to this end it has massive armor cavities and it's autoloader can accomadate very long projectiles. Additonal Features: 5. Multiple variants are planned including an APC, IFV and combat engineering vehicle. 6. Its APHEFS shell will cause extreme amounts of damage to lesser armored tanks such as the Californian and earlier Cascadian tanks aswell as light/medium armored vehicles. The centre of the turret bustle, containing the ammunition belt of the aoutolaoder can be entirely removed to allow for rapid reloading if the appropriate equipment is present, if it is not there are two hatches in the rear of the turret bustle to allow for reloading in field conditions. The crew are provided with two light cranes fixed to the turret rear (not shown on the model) to assist in reloading. Link to appendix 1 Link to appendix 2 Link to appendix 3 @ Judges, if you have any question please feel free to ask.
  9. Perhaps after this we could have a private competition to see who can create the best wunderwaffle.
  10. I am honestly surprised that you managed to make a smaller tank than I did. Especially considering that you were talking about widened E100 tracks and 60+ ton armor masses.
  11. The latest version of the Monolith The design team has been forced to make some unusual decisions due to the board's insistence that the tank be designed around the 71 line 6 3/4 pooder "tank gun" in order for it to be able to engage enemy shipping. As a result of this in addition to the hp/ton ratio requirement we now have a 16 1/2 foot monstrosity.
  12. I have had some issues with my laptop and as a result have been unable to work on my submission for A while. I may not be able to finish it in time.
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