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M1 Garand Design Critique


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They seem to be getting more "interesting". I wish I could contribute more but I'm basically on a self-imposed RO because of multiple real life issues. Most good, it's just that there aren't enough hours in the day.

I'm surprised no one has gone for the GIs tossing down the empty clip bit. But on the whole, TFB commenters seem pretty good, just so long as the topic isn't about rich guys owning too many machine guns.

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See. It's those kind of guys that make the Internet the way it is. I like the M14, or rather the pre-ban Springfield M1A that a friend who inherited it from his dad let me shoot a few times. I like the 1911, it's a fine self-defense handgun with a nice balance.

But we can't concede that a weapon has pros and cons. And if you don't believe that either are one-shot-slay-all weapons that can reach out to a thousand meters or "knock over bowling pins at 100+ yards" as a friend of mine described his 45 ACP then that means you're anti-American/a commie/a faggot who doesn't know shit about guns because whatever anecdote he heard while serving in the military.

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