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Does the Russian Uran-9 possible to switch into Self-Driving mode?


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well,most of the UGV developer is trying to let their work get more smart,for that, let the unmanned vehicle go to the target area by itself automatically is a big deal,DARPA‘s black knight UGCV can already automatically self-drive well in field operation situation.


if the UGV gonna use Self-Driving,it must able to detect the environment, use the Terrain Contour Matching or TERCOM

one way (or the only way) for UGV  is using LIDAR

Russia release the Uran Unmanned Vehicle family has almost a year,and the Uran-9 had an upgrade,added some equipment






but i still didn't see anything about is it able to Self-Driving  or not,the film create by TV Zvezda about Uran-9 also don't tell.

In the footage Uran-9 shows that the turret can auto-tracking human target


but still,there is no such thing like LIDAR shows on the upgrade equipment


if the UGCV family for next generation,Rostec company just gives a XXXXL size remote toy with camera,and this thing went to service successfully,that is little bit disappointing right?:/

hope to heared more information


future UGV family include Uran,none of these(for i know) uses LIDAR or anything that can support self-driving

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