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How not to post in Mechanized Warfare


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5 minutes ago, chebuRUSHka said:

Where's your source? Make an image of the part of the aberdeen report which is supposed to proof that the T34's optics were the best.

I'm going to guess you didn't find anything about German optics superiority nor were you able to type in "T-34 aberdeen" into Google. Let me hold your hand: http://www.battlefield.ru/t34-kv1-aberdeen-evaluation.html

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Testing?  Testing?

Hi, this is chebuRUSHka, and definitely not collimatrix wearing his skin.

I just wanted to clarify some things.

Right now, I can't really read any sources that I cite because my eyesight is still blurry from my autoerotic asphyxiation session that I had this morning wherein I masturbated furiously to the idea of being oppressed by muscular Soviet infantrymen.  Just before I lost consciousness I thought of how the noble SS panzer units could probably have held off the asiatic hordes if only they had slightly better gunsights on their tanks.  It was a really intense session, so please forgive me if I'm a little testy about the subject.  I mean, really intense.  My hand still stings, and I wouldn't be able to type this at all if I didn't have an anime girl breast mousepad to mitigate the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anyway, hope that clears up where I'm coming from.

All the best,


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I just really don't look good in turtlenecks, you know?  I spend enough time as it is sitting in coffee bars reading the latest works on post-structuralist theory, and if I'm wearing a turtleneck it's like, damn, I might as well go all the way and get some teashade glasses and a beret.  Fuck; I want to fit in but I don't want to be that cliched.

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Just now, chebuRUSHka said:

So it's not only an unsubstantiated anecdote, but you left out the important part which explicitely states that it was compared to American optics.

Don't you realize how this doesn't proof anything if you are comparing the T34 optics to the German optics which were used in combination with the 88mm guns. Why did you use this meaningless anecdote in your comment section?

5 minutes ago, EnsignExpendable said:

известных здесь  = "known here". As in out of all the optics that we are aware of, this is the best one. 

лучшая в мире по конструкции  = the best design in the world.

This is not a comparison with just American optics.


Reading, what's that?

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