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Modeling a Warship


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Not 100% sure where to put this, so this is going to the naval section for now. 


So, I’ve decided to challenge myself, give me something to do, and enhance my skills with Autodesk Inventor. As you can guess, I want to model a warship, perhaps a destroyer, or something of comparable size. Only problem is: the hull. How on earth would I model this? Would I make the general shape, then a butt load of fillets? Or maybe cut the hull into segments and loft each segment, then constrain them end to end? I think I will have a similar problem with the smoke stack, but the hull is larger and has more curves. 



Any suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance. 

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46 minutes ago, chandieka said:

ever heard SIGMA Class frigate ??


just model it per block , like a plug and play model .


i think its better to design 2d version of the ship then translate it to a block design 


Welcome to SH! 


No, I’ve never heard of the Sigma class frigate. 




ok, new ship. Not what I was looking for, I was thinking of modeling a DD from WWII; I’m partial to the Italian Soldati class. 

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Depending on how complex and detailed you want to get there is a free hullform design tool called DelftSHIP that you could use to develop a hullform and export to a CAD friendly format.  ( DELFTship )  There are also numerous sample files that you could download from the internet for use in the program.



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