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Marxist History Is Retarded

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He had an economic theory that he felt explained broad historical trends and could be used to map the future of society. Further, he believed his theory allowed one to identify and work towards an ideal society where humans could be their happiest.

In terms of being retarded, that's right there with catholicism, libertarianism, neoliberalism and the Washington concensus.

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Broad historical trends that he made up, or...?

Maybe in the 19th Century the Noble Savage idea was taken more seriously or something?



Lots of evidence for the noble savage being a driving social meme in the 1880s at least.  A lot of that meme would end up resulting in some great work by social scientists.  Nanook and Ishi are examples of great studies that came from the noble savage routine.  


The most important part of Marxism is not what Marx was looking for, but the tool he handed scientists to understand the worlds. Just like social relativism is an important tool is scientific understanding of human group behavior, Marx gave us a cluster of ways of looking at the world that collectively are known as Neo-Marxist theory.  Think of that as a wrench in the tool box of a social scientist.  Balls out worthless for most things, but when you have a nut to break, the wrench is the tool of choice.


The main problem with Marx like all social theories is when it becomes normative, and then when people forget that normative theories are the first step to creating a pseudo-science.

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