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Primary sources are a harsher mistress than heroin. Post your best docs, videos, and photos here! Make sure that your documents have good citations, photos have confirmed locations and dates (and are actually significant, we don't need millions of pictures of T-26 #550424). Use reliable hosting! Youtube, Picasa, or a government agency's hosting where you got them from in the first place. I will periodically update the OP with everything posted in the thread. 


Documents not strictly falling into "Allied" or "Axis" categories, or subcategories, will be sorted by country of origin.




British Empire and Commonwealth (excluding Canada)

United States and Canada













North Korea country handbook



It's sparse for now, but I'll slowly but surely transfer my collection. Contribute all you got!

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Ah yes, that one is very interesting.


A few things stuck out to me:


-The Soviets thought highly of night vision.  Look at how much scarier they think a LeoA1 is than a vanilla Leo 1.


-The Soviets were convinced the M60A2 was scary.


-The Soviets thought TOW was as good as anything they had and way better than AT-3.  Considering that AT-3s slaughtered Israeli M48s and M60s in the 1973 war, TOW must have been really scary.


-The Soviets thought American SAMs were way better than anything they had, which is surprising.


-The Soviets apparently thought highly of the T-10M heavy tank, considering it equivalent to a T-72 or T-64A.


-They were even more impressed with the improved T-80, which they rate as head and shoulders better than any other tank.


-They rate the G-91 as equivalent to a MiG-21.  This surprises me, I would think the fishbed to be a fundamentally more capable plane.


-They were seriously suffering some tomcat envy.  They're more scared of it than the eagle!


-They don't seem to think too highly of the SU-24, which is surprising because NATO regarded it as one of the most formidable types in the Warsaw Pact inventory.


-They really, really like the F-5E, which jives with another document I saw where the Soviets got their hands on some and basically said "we gotta get us some of these!"  USAF thought of it as basically equivalent to a fishbed, but the Soviets apparently thought it was way better than theirs.

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