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  1. Please delete my account. And go fuck yourself. Sincerely,. The demented parrot with dementia
  2. Recently all your responses are meaningless memes or images. Not impressed. Anyhow, you apparently have more information that the President himself, who finally admitted that "he had no idea" if the Clinton's were somehow involved in Epstein's demise. Asked Tuesday if he actually believed the Clintons had anything to do with Epstein’s demise, Trump answered: “I have no idea.” But apparently you are so married to your conspiracy theory, you can't tolerate someone making the rather obvious observation that none of us know for sure.
  3. I'm just saying that making a conspiracy theory that Trump did it is just as plausible as saying Clinton did it. None of us know all the facts.
  4. Begrudingly, yes. What's that have to do with anything? Do the Clinton's have control and access and control over federal jails? No. That's actually Trump and his AJ Bill Barr. Anyhow, the simplest answer may the correct one, which is that this happened as a result of lazy work by the prison guards and Epstein's desire to commit suicide. "The two guards that were at the Special Housing Unit where Epstein was housed, were both on overtime. One officer was working a mandatory overtime shift. The other officer was working his fifth overtime shift of the
  5. As far as I can tell, he is only partially right. Mass shootings did not decrease after the ban, but they certainly increased after the ban ended.
  6. If they could figure out a way to make a tank suspension out of Beleville washers, anything is possible.
  7. The ASAP Rocky thing is not complicated at all. The one thing that is blindingly obvious about Trump is that he is very transactional. If you say nice things about Trump, he will return the favor, if you say something nasty, he will attack. Kanye is one of the few big name celebrities that has supported him. Kanye and Kim K asked Trump to help out ASAP, so he did. I don't think this is even about race, it's just Trump rewarding a friend and supporter with a favor. That's how he rolls.
  8. From https://history.army.mil/books/Studies/sunell/sunell.htm, thought it was relevant to the current conversation. General Sunell: Well, General [Robert J.] Baer was the tank program manager for a long time, and he had a very close relationship with Fort Knox. The reason I can discuss the tank program is because I left the Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle (ARSV) task force and became the deputy program manager for the XM1 tank where I worked for General Baer. General Baer, in effect, said, "This is what all these different items cost on a tank, and I have a $507,000 ceili
  9. So wait. Are you admitting that Trump's statements are racist, but it's ok because it's a way for conservatives to piss off liberals?
  10. Then your experience with conservatives has been very different than mine.
  11. I did not call him Hitler. I called him a racist. 51% of the American population agrees with me on this. By referencing Hitler, you pretty much lose the argument automatically via Godwin's law.
  12. Stop with the game. Trump explicitly called out Rep Cummings of Baltimore as a racist in his comments. Stop with the spinning and dodging and deflecting. Your guy is an orange race baiting narcissist. I am in the majority in this opinion.
  13. Modern tanks are expensive. Comparing the Abrams to the cost of earlier tanks is not very useful. Perhaps a comparison of the costs of the Abrams versus other third generation post war tanks would be appropriate?
  14. No, but I have been to Detroit many times. Still, that's not the issue. Many US cities have serious problems. Trump doesn't care about that. He only cares about stoking the racist sentiment of his base. The day he calls West Virginia a coal dust infested shit hole is the day I stop believing he is a racist.
  15. Maybe people cry racism because Trump says things that are textbook definitions of racism? I am not exaggerating. US government guidelines give as an example of racist speech the phrase "go back where you came from." Trump ain't even using a dog whistle the way Nixon or Reagan did, he is just flat out speaking directly to racist sentiment.
  16. Ok, let me put it to you this way. If I said "The Sherman tank had serious deficiencies that impacted the lives of the crews that served it in and policies should be adopted to remedy them", that would be the basis for a discussion. If I said "The Sherman tank was a pathetic piece of shit and it's the fault of people I don't like", then you might think I am not serious about having a discussion and that I just want to score points and denigrate those that I disagree with. That's the difference between how serious people talk and how Trump talks.
  17. So long Rutger https://variety.com/2019/film/obituaries-people-news/rutger-hauer-dead-dies-blade-runner-co-star-1203278050/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR0Bep6o72NpURTN47ZPRa3CDBaRdDsFAEkxoBDPsmZT4FSau9VacdyOe7g
  18. This is probably a lot closer to what a Panzer 46 vehicle would have looked like than most of the crap people imagine.
  19. Obama slump? That's some weird historical revisionism. Obama's tenure was basically one of continuous recovery from the serious recession during the second term of Bush. The Democrats are trying, to various degrees and sometimes rather ineffectively, to sell people on the idea that government should perhaps be helping average people with the costs of healthcare and education. It's a concept that seems to resonate pretty well with young people.
  20. And look how the congressional election went last year in Michigan.
  21. And as the election gets closer, the attention will focus around the Democratic candidates, not the Squad. Meanwhile, Trump will continue to be toxic to 55% of the American public.
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