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Help this old man pick out a fan for his Secondary rig

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Sometime a few months ago i felt that usual hole in my heart that can only be filled with Achohol, food, firearms, or computers. So this time on the rotation i decided to build a secondary rig.


Im in the market for a CPU fan, i would like to spend around 50 US dollars worth. Just dipping beyond practicality into eye candy territory but stopping just short of the Liquid Cooled minefields.  I could always pickup a Cooler Master hyper but my mentallity going into this is the best performance i can get out of one fan for below 70 dollars.


Here are two that stand out


Thermaltake CL-P0466 SpinQ Quiet Copper Heatpipe Univrsal CPU Cooler for 60 dollars exactly, free shipping





and for the possibly over hyped brand due to wehrabooism


Noctua NH-U12 S for 66.60 dollars (hail Satan) and free shipping. Normally goes for over 100 from what ive seen






So there you go, im not concerned with looks, even though the Noctua looks like shit, just which one would you recommend for raw performance

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Cooler Master 212 and a better fan is a strong contender, it's very good, and excellent for the price.


The Noctua is pretty decent and plenty sufficient for most non-serious overclocked CPUs, with a pretty big focus on noise.


EVGA's ACX CPU cooler is apparently a top notch heatsink, but it wants a fan replacement to shine.

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