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  1. A few images of the Wolin Poland festival I was just at. Me in the brass helmet, you can see in one image I was hit hard enough to break off the top decorative bit.
  2. Historians really don't debate the dark ages anymore. That term has been out of favor for a while. Only folks that seem to perpetuate that the myth of a "dark age" is Hollywood. The period is already typically divided up into Early, High, and Late Middle Ages. There was a lot going on and in Europe it was an especially tumultuous time. Germanic Migration period was between 500 and 700. Slavic migrations around the same time. Merovingian period probably 480 to 774? Carolingian period was really only 775 to 900. The Viking age was 792 to 1066. Byzantine Empire was at it's high point. The rise of Islam. Rurikid Dynasty sprung up in Kiev and Novgorod around 800. Crusades, end of migrations, consolidations of what would become modern states. It's a bit difficult to pack all this into 500-1000 was X and 1000-1500 was Y.
  3. It's just an improved fighting position for a forward artillery observer. If you saw the terrain around Ft. Bragg, it works well in the pine forests there. There are natural mounds of pine straw and sand all over the place.
  4. I think it was more for mines, small arms and other flying around bits on the battlefield IIRC.
  5. I know the ways. I am being obstinate. It's what happens when you cross breed Irish and Ukrainians.
  6. That isn't completely unheard of. MPs using light armor for route security, facility security, etc.
  7. I don't always agree with much from this guy but since he has Roland helping with this test, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Man, that would have been great. My back and knees wouldn't be ruined.
  9. I'd rather just show up as the "I'm sick of all of you dumb asses" contingent and commence to beating the shit out of everyone.
  10. I have enough gear to equip at least 10 people for a pretty functional shield wall. Should start going to these protests.
  11. 10th-11th Century Kievan Rus or early Slavic-Varangian. Most of my kit is from Chorna mohyla grave site which was part of the Principality of Chernigov or the Gnezdovo grave in the what was the Principality of Smolensk. There are similarities with Byzantine heavy infantry due to the contacts between the two. The other dude is Polish. And here is me hitting him over the head because "gib Lviv" (actually a full target fight demo)
  12. I was attached to 2-66 and 3-66 as a mechanized FO way back with they were part of the defunct 2AD Forward.
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