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  1. Mighty_Zuk

    Britons are in trouble

    Now that we know the Challenger 2's Life Extension Program won't include a new gun, there's news coming in that the Warrior's modernization program is highly likely to be cancelled: Axe Hangs Over UK Warrior Upgrade.
  2. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Welcome to Mighty Zuk's place of mental rest and peace of mind. This is my realm. I've decided it would be best to ditch the old Merkava thread for 2 reasons: 1)It does not feature any bunched up information in its main post, and valuable information is scattered across different posts on different pages. 2)Many AFVs that are not related to the Merkava, or related but are not it, appear in that thread with improper representation. There are other AFVs than the Merkava, and it would be better to refer to them in a general way. As time will go by, I will arrange this thread into a sort of information center. I will take up a few first comment spaces to make sure proper amount of information can be stacked up on the front page and for easier access for everyone. [Reserved for future posts - Merkava]
  3. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    40mm AGL coax is something new. Wonder what got them into thinking about this. Not sure about the date of that photo.
  4. Mighty_Zuk

    Turkish touch

    I'm still baffled by the existence of these people.
  5. Mighty_Zuk

    Turkish touch

    Most likely not. Turkey's plans were for 1,000 units of Altay tanks, spread across 4 tranches of 250 each. The M60 tanks are the core of their armored strength, so a single lot will not be enough. Only their elite force of Sabra tanks is about 170. They have a lot more tanks than just one thousand, but these new tanks should allow Turkey to maintain a cheaper, leaner, more technologically saturated, and more effective force.
  6. Mighty_Zuk

    Tank Myths

    Are you talking heresy again?
  7. Mighty_Zuk

    Tank Myths

    The Challenger 2 is actually a pretty solid tank.
  8. Mighty_Zuk

    Tank Myths

    When I said what I said, I really should have rephrased better because now I can see how it can sound very wrong. Temperature indeed is a non-factor on the penetration power. It's purely kinetic. Unfortunately, my local ammo 'expert' (knows a lot of history, but not a whole lot about how it actually works) claims the HEAT's defeat mechanism is entirely non-kinetic.
  9. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    https://breakingdefense.com/2018/11/israel-rolls-out-8x8-eitan-with-eye-on-exports/ MANTAK chief Brig. Gen. Guy Paglin talks a bit about the Eitan and says the following: 1. Weighs 33 tons (w/APS and armor, probably without turret). 2. Eyeing future turret models, probably hinting at the next gen APS and whatever gun the US's OMFV gets. 3. They want a mortar carrier, but unfortunately open top instead of turreted. 4. Eyeing export but not talking directly about it.
  10. How do you know the turret is made by the US Army? I try to read every message in this thread but I seem to have missed this.
  11. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Not a very old one. The IDF has made several moves to upgrade its D9 fleet. First is getting unmanned and autonomous versions of them (Panda), and having them equipped with a hard kill APS. Elbit's Iron Fist is the key candidate at the moment.
  12. It's not uncommon to be instantly biased for a certain AFV just by how fitting it looks, or aesthetically pleasing it is. Seems the Griffin just gave a stronger more positive first impression on the relevant observers. Despite the rigorous tests and evaluations expected for each contender, this is still an important aspect. Personally, I'm also most impressed with the Griffin. Turret seems to already integrate every major aspect of what the US Army wanted from it (50mm gun, very high elevation, APS). The 35mm system the CV90 and Lynx could take is also compatible with the 50mm gun and ammo, but if they want to impress, they have to show it in real life, not just say they can do it. I've expressed several times my disappointment in Rheinmetall not installing their ADS (now RAP) on even vehicles they co-developed or fully developed. I stand by this sentiment again here. Rheinmetall could have made a better impression with their KF41.
  13. Mighty_Zuk

    General AFV Thread

    The Soviet tradition of buying similar but logistically incompatible vehicles from multiple companies just to appease everyone has been inherited by the Russian Federation, as Russia now buys UVZ's Typhoon trucks, after already putting into service Kamaz's trucks (that were used by Russian MP in Syria). https://www.janes.com/article/84219/russian-national-guard-receives-ural-vv-mrap-vehicles UVZ's Typhoon: Kamaz's Typhoon:
  14. Mighty_Zuk

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    And why would the Lancelot 2 point 0 be any cheaper?
  15. Mighty_Zuk

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Possibly a typo. The CV90 mkIV is marketed as the 5th generation of the CV90 family, so it's easy to make that mistake.
  16. M109A5 driver training vehicle.
  17. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    The assumption is that it's an FMTV entirely and not a Tatra. But that's only my eyesight.
  18. What the heck is up with that huge ass turret?
  19. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    Because IMI would be a subcontractor, not a prime contractor. They are already suppliers for much of the equipment produced in MASHA, especially armor, yet are not seen as competitors to MASHA but to other companies. If it utilizes an FMTV truck, on which some part of the original Wildcat is made, then it's no longer a single source buy, and IMI becomes sub-contractor again. Especially if they want a different capsule design and only take IMI's passive armor. Also, what HMMWV variant are you talking about? How does it compare to the newest generation of Sandcats?
  20. Mighty_Zuk

    Australian LAND program

    Here we will discuss all topics related to the LAND program, including, but not limited to, LAND 400 which is the flagship project of the entire program.
  21. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    EDIT: Have to correct the entire post. The pilot program for integration of females into the IDF's Armored Corps has ended 'successfully' several months ago but now it is reported to have been frozen, as the participants in the pilot program were re-assigned to instructor duties or infantry in mixed battalions (instructors are typically female), rather than be assigned to tanks as their crews.
  22. Mighty_Zuk

    Israeli AFVs

    It appears to use an FMTV's cabin and a Wildcat's armored capsule, which could be an advanced prototype for a Ze'ev replacement. Sadly no purchases of Sandcats are made to replace the HMMWV vehicles. These could really drive up their exports.
  23. Mighty_Zuk


    Of course. Look at the Ukrainian design - it clearly gains a few tens of centimeters in height (the hull, that is). To compensate for the shallower angle of the armor, they have to extend the armor farther forward, which may create an unacceptably front-heavy design. But it's not something that cannot be fixed by moving some shit to the back.