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  1. Is it possible that those 8 things are simply backpacks of vehicle's dismounts? And may be 4 other boxes were intended to represent other items - like boxes of MREs or whatever else could be stored outside of the vehicle
  2. skylancer-3441

    Documents for the Documents God

    *not sure if this could be posted there or there are a better thread for this somewhere* There are plenty of Infantry Magazine issues available at GoogleBooks, but unforutunatelly they are usually available by default in "snippet view" mode Allthough most of those issues are also available at hathitrust.org , some of them are (or were) not available there, and it's better to have same thing available from several sources anyway. So several mounth ago I've decided to ask GoogleBooks to change that "snippet view" mode into "full view" mode (via this form https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6113327), starting with particular Infantry Magazine issues, and later asking about about other things like some volumes of US DOD budget hearings, and more magazines - well, those of them which are in Public Domain It's rather slow - and sometimes I run out of patience and ask again - for example in happend with Infantry 1974, and overall it took 2 mounths and 3 weeks untill they've fulfilled my request. So far they've made availabe in full view (with option of downloading entire thing as .pdf) 20 volumes of Infantry magazine (out of 83 i've found so far) https://books.google.ru/books?lr=&uid=115590142161999487031&as_coll=1001, and about 100 other erm... volumes... books https://books.google.ru/books?uid=115590142161999487031&as_coll=1004 (And they've forgot about 30 other things, so I'm going to fill that form again). Some of them were made available for both russian and US users, and some for US users only - though apparently Googlebooks defines this via IP, and proxy works just fine.
  3. skylancer-3441

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    GoogleBooks allows to see like 85 percent of this book, including about 230-240 out of first 260 pages which apparently contain all the images but unfortunatelly that particular page (207th, i guess) with this AReS vehicle is one of those missing (well, locked) pages.
  4. It appears to be much more spacious than another 299-based heavy IFV, one which was mentioned earlier in this thread: which apparently (well, assuming that it had same armor thickness as 299-based tank itself, and assuming that it had constant roof thickness) was almost as low on the inside as BMP-2
  5. skylancer-3441

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    some pics of Lynx from DTR's artilce including one with interior, and some screenshots from Rheinmetall's video - were posted in other thread:
  6. skylancer-3441

    General AFV Thread

    it allows to do even more photos from Czech magazine Armady. Technika. Militaria (ATM) 2004-12 (made at Eurosatory 2004):
  7. from this article https://www.welt.de/wirtschaft/article177428848/Euro-MBT-Panzer-Krauss-Maffei-und-Nexter-praesentieren-ersten-Demonstrator.html photos: cropped 3300 pix wide: non-cropped 2560 pix wide: btw, this site has bigger non-cropped pictures at least 3840 pix wide, but i was not able to figure out what number/letter/word to put into image's link to get one of those.
  8. skylancer-3441

    General AFV Thread

    At Eurosatory-2018 - Patria AMV XP with Kongsberg's MCT-30 turret and some truly digital "camoulage" - somewhat overlooked during previous days, thanks to new Patria 6x6 standing next to it (photos from twitter) And also Jane's article on this vehicle http://www.janes.com/article/80942/eurosatory-2018-patria-rolls-out-latest-amv-xp
  9. *not sure whether this goes in this thread or should be posted somewhere else* one can see in this video from Eurosatory-2018 (4:24 and later) https://youtu.be/Vx8fiHB9H28?t=264 (which shows an Rafael representative interviewed by DefenseWebTV) poster on Trophy APS which among other vehicles shows this picture of Stryker with ERA kit, slat armor and Samson 30 turret: there is also an article https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/eurosatory/2018/06/11/rafael-to-demo-lighter-trophy-protection-system-on-bradley-fighting-vehicle/ which mentions this:
  10. skylancer-3441

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    photo from DTR's twitter: from this link https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/eurosatory-2018-rheinmetall-unveil-new-lynx-family/ photo: and 2 minute long video with interview about Lynx and (from posts in twitter and instagram) more photos of command post variant:
  11. skylancer-3441

    General AFV Thread

    Lynx KF41 some photos (originally posted in twitter): pictures from that pdf: Rheinmetall press-release https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/en/rheinmetall_defence/public_relations/news/latest_news/index_17408.php https://www.rheinmetall-defence.com/media/editor_media/rm_defence/publicrelations/pressemitteilungen/2018/2018-06-12_Rheinmetall_Eurosatory_Lynx_KF_41_en.pdf and some more pics from twitter: video: some screenshots: .... Question: is it a correct thread for this vehicle? Or i should've been posting this in German vehicles thread like @2805662 did with his photos of this vehicle http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/11-stug-iii-thread-and-also-other-german-vehicles-i-guess/?page=49&tab=comments#comment-133254 ?
  12. skylancer-3441

    General AFV Thread

    more photos (originally posted in twitter) of ASCOD 2 IFV with UT30 Mk2 turret and one from this article http://defence-blog.com/army/gdels-unveiled-new-variants-ascod-family-tracked-vehicles-eurosatory-2018.html:
  13. removing /920 from this link provides opportunity to see and download larger image (1920x1280 pix) https://bilder.t-online.de/b/83/91/55/08/id_83915508/c_raw/tid_da/index.jpg
  14. skylancer-3441

    General AFV Thread

    Shephard Media's video about this vehicle - interview and some footage from driving and swimming tests screenshots: photo from Polish article on this vehicle http://www.defence24.pl/przemysl/eurosatory-2018-nowa-amfibia-kmw-plywa-do-tylu