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  1. Timoney was also involved unfortunately, it was covered in early 00s Jane's International Defense Review, like 2000-2002, and Russian State Library does not have those. more pics https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2uHW/4ANwUXJGo/FCS/FCS 8x8 Pegasus/
  2. >>Slightly more oblique pic. 2048x1536, no idea how to get higher res
  3. from physical version of Mittler Report issue on KF41 Lynx (low-res scans are posted on htka.hu forum) So, I've made couple of comparisons, to the best of my ability
  4. more photos or same but in highrez of Lynx from Brave Warrior 2020 https://www.origo.hu/itthon/galeria/20200924-brave-warrior-hadgyakorlat-2020.html and about a dozen photos - there https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2634106493468122&id=1441732669372183 such as also this https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3557867297598775 and from the same FB account - 15 more photos, such as: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbi
  5. ...Lynx appears next to Bradley, and they couldn't film from some better angles or closer so, here's KF41 close to one of them M113 versions instead ... another photo https://kuruc.info/r/2/218395/
  6. Are there any photos or drawings/diagrams of turret's interior? Or at least numbers - I'm interested in where exactly in the vehicle was ammunition storage, and its capacity immediately available for gun or available without manual reloading, especially since Marder-2's ammo storage was quoted as 110+177 35mm rounds, which for example substantially exceeds CV-9035's 35+35rds (IIRC), in fact it exceeds pretty much every other IFV with similarly large caliber autocannon I can think off the top of my head, except may be K21 (if automatic feeding mechanism to replenish initia
  7. couple of dozens of photos from NATO Days 2020 https://glos.live/Wiadomosci/detail/20ka_inaczej/0 including this one There too https://www.aeroweb.cz/clanky/7281-fotoreport-dny-nato-v-ostrave-2020 including this from this article https://www.securitymagazin.cz/defence/kdo-se-prisel-predvest-babisovi-vyrobci-bvp-a-stihacek-ukazali-sve-stroje-na-letosnich-dnech-nato-1404065805.html two more:
  8. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9dEX/djuwzbp4V/_tmp/ all issues (stored at RSL) of Jane's Defense Weekly vol.13 and 14, covering 1990, were photographed from cover to cover, along with 16 issues from vol.15 (1991). all issues of Jane's Soviet Intelligence Review stored at RSL, from 1989 and 1990, were photographed. Soviet magazine (in Russian) Зарубежная Военная Техника. Серия VII. Оптика в военной технике /"Foreign military equipment. Series VII. Optics in military equipment"/ - compilation of articles from various western magazines, brochures, patents - was pho
  9. It's from late April, link to Twitter post with more photos was posted on page 86 of this thread
  10. T-15 and T-14 are visible in footage from UVZ's Workshop 130 in latest TV Zvezda's Voennaya Priemka episode mostly dedicated to (spreading myths about) BMPT T-15:
  11. all IDR issues stored at RSL are photographed. This folder contains almost 100 Gb, probably some 70k photos - including about 30k duplicates. Once I delete those, and rename rest, I'll visit RSL for IDR issues once again - to reshoot those photos which turned blurry and unreadable, I expect to find at least couple of hundred of those.
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