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    UAV thread

    2 rotors, thats bold
  2. rules of engagement, no guns. hand to hand mellee only, regular breaks to retrieve dead bodies. and its easy to die, just trip over a cliff in sub zero temperature average ground angle is about 45 degrees, plenty must be steeper than that.
  3. 57mm is your friend VT fuzed or timed for cheaper UAVs guided for longer range, Bayraktar TB2 at 7000 meters alt and its bombs have 8 km range, is just at the range where a guided naval 57mm would hit, but an guided IFV 57mm would not. lesson from WWII, for every UAV type threat, a suitable projectile can be developed to deal will it.
  4. Aussie hawkei, 7 tonne curb weight Thats about midway between a Bull bar and a 'Roo bar
  5. not that australia is going back to Vietnam, but as a proxy for SE Asia, https://sci-hub.se/https://doi.org/10.1080/15732470902808581 only 15% of road bridges are classified as strong enough to handle 30 tonnes. thus the reason for the earlier picture of a PNG bridge, weight becomes an issue, or leopard 2 deep wading properties are desireable.
  6. https://youtu.be/f3pZXXb-ktM Hungarian lynx kf41 video
  7. If the FCS can predict/track where the target is going, it's already calculated how long it takes the projectile to get there.
  8. Where there is tropical deforestation, plantations tend to follow, eventually.
  9. I'm thinking, South East Asia modern equivalent terrain to battle of Long Tan, perhaps in wet, mountainous jungle PNG/Philipines, opposing infantry now has cheap UAV with 60mm mortar drop bombs, equivalent to Ukraine UAV/mortar bomb combo posted earlier. assumption is that opposing force is willing to spend approx same amount of effort having infantry carry 60mm mortar OR small UAV around on mission.
  10. 2 air-burst options from EOS would be Proximity air-bursts M230LF Programmable air-bursts Mk44 no doubt Lynx would have equivalent available at a price. but why pay for 2 diffferent 30mm guns, unless one is not used for airburst? perhaps the RWS will remain 12.7 HMG, and the main 30mm auto cannon really becomes the primary c-uav gun. i sure don't know the prices offered for the various ammo, but it must be taken into account by CoA.
  11. 1. Detect UAS by radar or electronic emissions, locate them, and “kill” them electronically if possible 2. Slew the RWS to this detection cue and accurately acquire the UAS with a thermal tracker, locking onto the UAS heat 3. Engage the UAS with either or ballistic weapons to destroy remember, UAS are not electronically silent, they are in constant radio communication, that 'noise' is what needed to detect them, and why stange looking antennas can stun 'kill' some of them. the radar does not need to emit to detect them, just to listen. I would expect Lynx t
  12. keep in mind EOS also offer the bushmaster mk44S on its R600 RWS. https://www.eos-aus.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/R600BrochureAUS_WEB.pdf so they should offer tight integration with the MK44 on the elbit turret, particulary as the turret drive control is purportedly EOS.
  13. https://www.eos-aus.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1st-Person-from-APDR_April2019_lowres.pdf ' have jointly worked with Elbit to deliver a joint product for the Hanwha team. The T2000 is essentially an Elbit turret shell with EOS fire control software, turret drive control, HMI and electro optics. And we are the prime for that turret. The turret also brings together the Elbit Active Protection System, the Elbit IronVision See-Thru Armour System and embedded simulation. The EOS remote weapon station integrated to the turret is in a configuration able to provide counter UAS defence a
  14. Staring at the sky is EOS's raison d'être, anyway, obligatory UAV shooting video https://vimeo.com/358965824 in regards to C-UAS to EOS approximately shows the MK44 30mm as having about 50%-100% more range than the M230LF 30mm. both the lynx and the redback will come with the EOS RWS, but its probable that the redback's bushmaster is more tightly integrated with whatever counter UAS capacity is provided by EOS.
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