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  1. This seems like an odd arrangement, but I suppose that is par for this particular course.
  2. I haven't kept up as of late on your postings here and so have been going back through them, but after you play through the Allied and German campaigns, do you have any other games on your radar that you'd like to possibly play through/review, if you are interested in doing that still?
  3. I don't figure it's much, but what are they say at the end of the video there?
  4. Vehicle photos from the past few months from the US Army Armor and Calvary Collection: T5E1 T-34. This particular vehicle was captured from the Germans, who had been using it as a test vehicle after capturing it themselves from the Soviets. T30, IS-3, and M3 Grant T28 and Chieftain Bonus T28 historical pic
  5. Something related to welding or maintenance seems most likely as the cause to me, but who knows with the social/political climate we have now. Time will tell.
  6. Yes. I think the forward mast came down somewhat early on. For reference and for anyone that can't tell, those burn holes are in the roof of the ship's island superstructure, not the flight deck News and updates from the Navy So it seems maybe it's not near a total loss, but that sure isn't going to be a quick or cheap fix.
  7. I have once again fallen out of keeping pace with Syria/Libya, but it seems to me that all the non-Syrian players in that country's war have decided Libya is the place to play now (much more Turkey than Russia and other powers.)
  8. Would this possibly be complimenting the number of Kurganets in service, perhaps seeing more use in remote or "lower intensity" areas in the country? The vehicle weighing about half that of the Kurganets might be worth something in that regard. Alternatively, could this be another case of the army procurement decision makers getting antsy and choosing upgrades of existing vehicles over newly developed ones?
  9. I assume that LAV is just being used as a testbed and that any actual application of the weapon system would be on an ACV or Stryker.
  10. Looks to me like they just stuck a big ol' engine in the back.
  11. Another brawl a couple of years ago that took place between the two sides in a similar area comes to my mind now. I bet whatever happened recently started like something similar.
  12. I recall seeing it when it first was shown (I guess this time last year given the tweet date) because the Merkava-esque turret, but it doesn't seem anything has become of it since, so far as I can tell. I have a feeling the tank is/was probably just a mock-up for show. Some other views:
  13. Thai Army Stingrays and M113s during a regimental inspection. Images taken from Thai Army FB page.
  14. I realize that there are a variety of sizes/capabilities with these drone aircraft, but that seems like a lot to be losing in this time frame (going with the 'confirmed' through 'likely' loses.)
  15. Was this all supposed to be part of one (big) water treatment facility?
  16. The former battleship USS Mississippi in the early-mid 50's after her conversion for testing and training on new radar, guns, and (more famously) Terrier missiles. More photos and information can be found in this blog post by wwiiafterwwii.
  17. 'Discovery in New Guinea Rainforest Raises Tantalizing New Questions' Interesting little article on the discovery of poisonous birds.
  18. Object 225, images taken from here. Curiously, there's what looks to be a mortar sticking through the turret roof in front of the machine gun.
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