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  1. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    Sandcrawlers use HVSS
  2. The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    USS Michigan arriving recently in Busan, South Korea, with some questions being raised about the two SEAL pods present.
  3. The security guard that confronted the Las Vegas shooter is apparently missing.
  4. Forum Improvements and Changelog

    More Polandball
  5. Jim Webb appears slightly off-put.
  6. General news thread

    The Boy Scouts of America will now be allowing admittance to girls who wish to join
  7. General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Mumbling and grumbling on the cruiser USS Shiloh and more Navy dysfunction
  8. This thing is unsettling and looks like something a six year-old would make with Legos.
  9. I saw earlier somewhere that the reports of him planning to escape afterwards were false, which may kind of relate with him getting discovered early.
  10. What's all the junk they've added to that Bradley?
  11. Hmmm... Of note here: duckbill grousers are on both the inside and outside of the tracks.
  12. K30 would be interesting. I assume they're going with the version with guns and missiles, but would they be putting it on a 'new' chassis (Bradley or Stryker) or would the whole K30 unit be used?
  13. I thought that it had fallen out already in favor of just putting stingers on top a regular Stryker.
  14. Since people are dog-piling on bumpfire stocks while they are still available, what happens if/when legislation is passed? Would they likely be banned from sale or made outright illegal? Would mandatory returns and recollection be a thing, or would they be grandfathered in? I suppose this would depend on the ruling, but I'm wondering about a most likely scenario.
  15. Nevermind, posted above
  16. Centurion is another. Several nations (Israel, Jordan, South Africa) swapped the Meteor engines out for the M48/M60's.
  17. The police radio had a moment where officers were told to lock there vehicles, as people were trying to get to the firearms in them to take on the shooter I guess. I can see how this could have gone horribly wrong.
  18. So, weapon-wise, this is about what the guy was using?
  19. Concerning the possible ISIS connection that has been brought up, I am of the opinion that with their continual losses happening in Syria and Iraq, the groups is merely looking for publicity on the global stage.
  20. North Korea, you so crazy!

    Egypt apparently stopped a Nork vessel for inspection in August for suspicious cargo, later finding thousands of rocket-propelled grenades. Turns out the grenade delivery was for Egypt in the first place.
  21. Do bump fire stocks fall into this same category?