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    The answer is either Magic the Gathering or the liquor. There's a stack of things in my apartment, but the two that get played the most are Dominion and Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
  2. Scolopax

    North Korea, you so crazy!

    No, but it seems to be satire
  3. Google search brings up that it's Argentine, and is in fact a Firefly. Image dated 1962.
  4. Scolopax

    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Can't be having any coups while you're out of town.
  5. Scolopax

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    gg "Leopard 2A4: Setting the Standard" Leopard 2A0 still possible I guess?
  6. I too have that Tiger I somewhere, but I never had it with the barrel attachment or the projectiles. One of the back fenders got busted off too.
  7. There's another trailer for it somewhere back in the thread. It looks like it basically has the same exact plot line as the new Venom movie, except it's an experiment AI that merges with him instead of alien goo. I feel that this could have possibly been something fun, but that'd be expecting way too too much.
  8. Scolopax

    Syrian conflict.

    https://g.redditmedia.com/TNO8qiUi15GQEMJP01F-7ZIYjkKM1f0WLzZv-X5kKCM.gif?fm=mp4&mp4-fragmented=false&s=5d078e5201aedf8cc722c5ec5ceaef71 Animated map of Damascus fighting from February 2018 to conclusion
  9. So is she actually a lizard person or a giant space cockroach?
  10. So are newer Stryker dragoons going to be equipped with this turret, or was it only used trial testing? I'm confused. The thing certainly doesn't add looks to the vehicle.
  11. Scolopax

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

  12. Scolopax

    Deceive the Credulous; Become Fabulously Wealthy

    Horse-drawn carts could become a hipster thing without too much effort.
  13. Scolopax

    General AFV Thread

    I'm surprised they've let a decidedly modern piece of military hardware become a jungle gym. What's the vehicle in the top right here?