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  1. I can't claim credit. It was a friend, a Finnish soldier who served with UNIFIL.
  2. Hi I tried, but it wouldn't load. If you PM me your email address I will send you it and you can try. Cheers Marsh
  3. An excellent, detailed analysis. Thank you very much for providing an English version. Much appreciated! Cheers Marsh
  4. Will you horrible lot please stop mocking our magnificent, if archaic, tanks. I will have you know that British tanks have boiling vessels on board. Our crews can make tea whenever they like! I bet the T-14 doesn't carry a samovar, so no mocking until it does! Marsh
  5. It's a lunch box! (Or a snap tin, for those of us from the North of England).
  6. Hi, I am asuming that is the primary paint coat for the Eitan. It definitely isn't standard IDF olive grey. Although strangely , it has the basalt non-slip chips applied and that is done after the primer. Hmmm
  7. Sorry, no. He was a "metal basher" on the Chieftain production line. (I am old....).
  8. Leeds, my home town. Used to have a friend who worked on the production line there.
  9. There was a discussion on Tanknet about this particular Centurion. I believe it to be one of the Jordanian Centurions knocked out in 1973.
  10. There is something almost comical, (if no doubt exasperating), when a nut job like Mike Sparks, has a go at someone like Jim Warford, with his proven service, knowledge and integrity.
  11. Not only can you find Namers with Merkava 3 tracks, some of the early production run of Namers, (I am not talking about prototypes) used modified Merkava 3 hulls rather than that of the Merkava 4.
  12. Hi Adraste, No UN soldiers there. If you mean the bloke with the blue hat, shirt and grey trousers, based on previous experience, he is probably from MANTAK.
  13. Hi, I didn't say I thought Ekranoplans were a spectacularly good weapon system, I just love their retro-futurist designs.
  14. Hi, At first it does look like a Carpet mine breaching system, but that is not the projectile usually associated with the system.
  15. The Merkava 1, (updated with elements of a Merk 2) in France, isn't "travelling". It is on permanent display at the excellent French tank museum at Saumur, which I have had the pleasure of visiting. cheers Marsh
  16. Hi, On two computers I tried, the photo is just blank. Please would you try downloading it again? cheers Marsh
  17. Yes, very good books in their own right, but not rich in historical detail. Still very worth buying, but not really what Toimisto is looking for.
  18. Who dares summon the Marsh? Oh, Hi Zuk! Well there is very little in English. There is a wonderful book by Moshe Givati in Hebrew about the work of Ordnance Repair and Upgrade facility 7100, from 1948-1996. Unfortunately, since I can't really understand Hebrew, all I can do is rock back and forth and lick the pictures .... If you can read Hebrew Toimisto, get this book. In English Robert Manasherob has an excellent series of books covering the history and service of IDF tanks such as the Centurion etc. Michael Maas has an equally good series of books covering IDF armour, but they tend not to cover the historical development in as much detail, being more concerned with contemporary service. Still must buys though. Not much else springs to mind. Sorry Marsh
  19. I honestly don't know. I have learnt never to say never, when talking about Israeli tanks!
  20. Hi, Way back at the time of the Magach 6B Gal. However, as with most IDF armour upgrades, this particular one was done by switching over small batches of vehicles. Not all the Magachs converted to the new tracks and several different types of tracks were in service at any one time. cheers Marsh
  21. Hi VPZ, The Nakpadon and its derivatives are still very much in use. The Nagmashot has gone, but I do believe the Nagmachon also remains in service too, or at least held in depots for use. Cheers Marsh
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